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Pilot exam question

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Does anyone know how to give my thoughts on a question on the pilot exam?  I have a beef on one that isn’t very evidence based.

Have lots of issues with the exam questions, but I figure I’ll play their stupid game.  This one in particular rubbed me wrong.

i marked the question and went on, but don’t see a way to report it.

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Hahaha... I just finished mine, and I had back-to-back questions where one asked for initial (whatever)... but then the correct answer supposedly wasn't the fastest reasonable option.  The next question had a choice between (whatever), and I was thinking "Fine, not going to burn me again" so I picked the most definitive one... and they wanted the faster one.

Where "whatever" may be a test, exam, therapy, intervention, or other testable material, but I'm vaguing this up sufficiently that it won't help anyone or get me in trouble. 🙂

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