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  1. Perhaps it is a combination of having less physical exertion or workload since people not going to work/working from home and even if they have chest pain they plan to ride it out and not seek care at this time. As for the traffic accidents, people are now driving very uninhibited due to the lack of traffic, and that's just stupidity in my opinion.
  2. Some trends I am seeing in NYC: 1) Folks not taking this seriously and some still goes out living their normal lives/dinning/gatherings 2) As COVID cases increases and mandating to stay home as risk of going to a clinic/hospital catching the infection > your primary complaint (ortho injuries, GI complaints, even chest pain as people are so scared to go into hospital!!) 3) ER/UC volume greatly reduced for a short while with less trauma/cardiac emergencies 4) ER/UC volume will rebound with exceedingly number of patients with COVID symptoms and from there a seed is planted in a given hospital for many more to come.. 5) ER/ICU overload with the same COVID patients on vents and now with less PPEs 5) Here we are now
  3. This was reposted from AAPA huddle and I have just signed this. It only takes 50 seconds to click the link, fill in first and last name and email and then click verify in your email to sign! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-archaic-barriers-licensed-non-physician-health-care-providers-providing-acute-and-primary-medical-care
  4. What can we do now to prevent California from happening the same fate?
  5. I really felt like we have been "betrayed" and being "thrown under the bus" in a sense after this Florida event. I am afraid it will soon happen to all the states in the US and we will be "supervised by MD/DO AND NPs". Not only there will be little/no jobs for PAs, we may be "extinct" as a profession.
  6. Any updates on the HB 607 bill? Have we lost and got ourselves into roles as "3rd tier" provider under both MD/DO and NP?
  7. Please keep us updated on this status and what we can do to help amend this bill to include PAs. I'm trying to support fellow Florida PAs and from NY but not sure how we can help.
  8. Thank you for sharing. $4,000 is really dirt cheap! I was on the Touro University Worldwide website but I don't see that they offer Masters PA degree (I just saw Doctorate of Physician Assistant which is about $700 per semester credit). Did they got rid of the PA masters completion program? Just curious. Thanks!
  9. Email sent (from New York). Fingers Crossed!
  10. Hi ya'll, Pretty much all of the PA programs now offers a masters, but for those of us who still holds a bachelors, would you complete a PA masters completion program (online) just to be competitive in the job market? Some folks stated that experience > degree no matter which state/employer. But I have also heard stories about employers in some states favor PA holding a masters with minimal experience > PA holding a bachelors with much more experience. Thoughts on this? Would you then say it is beneficial to just get a masters? Any recommended masters completion programs out there that are relatively cheap? I am looking into University of Nebraska and Touro College as these two has the cheapest tuition. Anyone has completed either of those program and can shed some light about the experience? Thank you ya'll!
  11. There were definitely a few questions each quarter where I do not totally agree with their answers. I have emailed NCCPA regarding this a few times already...I wonder how they will determine the passing grade for this pilot PANRE...
  12. https://www.pocus.org/for-physician-assistants/ What are your thoughts on getting clinical certification from POCUS academy? Any PAs who've done this? Seems like they do offer it to PAs but I have not heard anyone who has done it.
  13. While some questions were straight forward, I personally think that some questions were just not "walking around knowledge every PA should know regardless of specialty". Guess I should know which diarrhea-causing organism would present like working in Cardiology
  14. Out of curiosity, how are you guys studying/preparing for this PANRE pilot? Although they mentioned it is "walk around knowledge", I suspect it may be more difficult than the conventional PANRE due to the fact that it is like a "take-home" exam? Thoughts?
  15. Interesting thread. I am a new grad myself and 3 weeks into my first job as a hospitalist PA, I must say the vast amount of information I am not at all familiar with was real. At times, I wonder if I made the right decision thinking that hospitalist PA will give me the strong medicine foundation I needed if I ever want to specialize (I am still pondering). One thing I am concerned though; my diagnosis ability may suffer just because a lot of these folks are already admitted with a diagnosis and there'll be less of an opportunity to form differential dx and perform work-up, not to mention no exposure to peds/obgyn issues. Any recommendations if I want to ultimately transition into EM?
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