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  1. So now what? What’s AAPA’s next step? I know I’m paying that AAPA and state membership dues, what else can we do? I pray that this will be successful...
  2. We will not be able to compete with NPs in the job market very very soon...I don’t care if “your area” “his area” or “her area” is still very “PA friendly” or not. I’ve been hearing more and more PAs are having trouble finding jobs and was suggested to move across the country just to find one (which can soon saturate the market for “PA friendly states”) where NPs can be just about anywhere and still have a job market. It’s concerning... On the side note- I’ve always wonder if we post these topics into the “PA student” section of this forum, curious as to what kind of responses will we get...
  3. Here’s what I see: Jobs that list both PA/NPs- plenty Jobs that list NPs only- uptrending Jobs that list PAs only- none/rarely And tell me why folks would still want to go for PA as opposed to NP?
  4. Thoughts on going back to school for hospital/healthcare administration? We needed more PAs in administrative roles to represent us as most of the healthcare administrations are dominated by RN/NPs/MD/DOs...
  5. Could not agree more. There seems to be a notion amongst PAs that “we are satisfied, we don’t want any change” when the NPs are always “hungry” and that’s how they get to where they are today. Its “evolve or get extinct”. Unfortunately at this rate, our profession will be taken over by NPs in more and more states, just a matter of time. Time for plan B after PA life...
  6. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here can chime in on thoughts about which Masters degree (MBA in healthcare focus vs MHA vs MPH) is worth going back for post-PA that can open up opportunities mainly in administration role. I’m on my 7th year as a PA (graduated in 2013 with BS PA degree, currently no Masters) with experience in hospital medicine, cardiology in NYC. I eventually do wanted to move up to administrative role either in hospital, private practice, pharmaceutical sales, insurance company, etc. The only thing is that I do not have any managerial experience at this point since I’m all clinical. I will be starting a new position in ICU and it’s a union position that offers tuition assistance for graduate degree program so I wanted to take advantage of this. Which one you guys think is better- MBA in healthcare focus vs MHA vs MPH? Do you guys think the school names matter? I thought about masters in PA studies online since it’s quick and cheap, but now that the union has tuition assistance, I’d rather get a useful Masters degree. Any input is appreciated!
  7. I meant anything exceeding 40 hr/week count as OT and rate is 1x hourly salary so 59x1 for OT..not great. I guess I would have to try leaving on time lol
  8. Background- 7 year experience in Hospital Medicine and Cardiology, first ICU job Location- NYC, 10 minutes drive from my house Salary- $59/hour (Non-negotiable based on “ladder system by experience”), OT is 1x hr rate, holiday is 1.5x hr pay. No night/weekend differential as this is supposedly days only. Hours- Days with alternate weekends, 14 shifts a month Position type- Union 1199 Benefits- 4 weeks vacation (no roll over), personal time- 4 days/yr. 4 days CME $1200 allowance. Medical/dental/vision and Pension via 1199 union. There’s tuition reimbursement. No liscensing fee reimbursement. Thoughts?
  9. To be honest I think NYC is a pretty tough market for PAs especially now as a lot of the major NYC hospitals are in a hiring freeze due to COVID. Not to mention saturation of PA schools in NYC and probably hundreds of new grad PA are waiting behind you to take the offer, since I think hospitalist are more new-grad-friendly field. I’m sure HR knows that.
  10. Incompetent yet easier to employ than PAs due to their "independent practice law" so administrators (and often they are also nurses/NPs and not MD/DOs) are preferred to get the job over us so we lost in competing for the job. Our health system actually prefers NPs over PAs as NPs does not require "physician supervision" and often difficult to find a "supervising physician" for PAs as no MD/DO wants to be responsible for our practice. If a lot more PAs don't even have a job to begin with while NPs continue to take our opportunities, it doesn't even matter what doctors thinks of us because they are not doing the hiring.
  11. Disagree. 1) Assuming people have self-esteem issues- self esteem is a personal perception and it is not something you can claim/judge. 2) We do NOT function as an "assistant" to physician (except in surgery). 3) It is because of the word "assistant" in our title, we are dying as a profession due to legislative red tapes and losing jobs to NPs all over the country (see AAPA huddle discussion if you are a member and you will see this is true). The fact that this is not happening in your town does NOT mean it does not happen everywhere else in the US.
  12. This truly is disheartening....how many years until our profession gave out and get phased out? Perhaps it's time for plan B...
  13. Great work!!! Have always loved Vermont. If things falls short here in NYC, Vermont is the place to be!
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