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  1. While some questions were straight forward, I personally think that some questions were just not "walking around knowledge every PA should know regardless of specialty". Guess I should know which diarrhea-causing organism would present like working in Cardiology
  2. Out of curiosity, how are you guys studying/preparing for this PANRE pilot? Although they mentioned it is "walk around knowledge", I suspect it may be more difficult than the conventional PANRE due to the fact that it is like a "take-home" exam? Thoughts?
  3. Interesting thread. I am a new grad myself and 3 weeks into my first job as a hospitalist PA, I must say the vast amount of information I am not at all familiar with was real. At times, I wonder if I made the right decision thinking that hospitalist PA will give me the strong medicine foundation I needed if I ever want to specialize (I am still pondering). One thing I am concerned though; my diagnosis ability may suffer just because a lot of these folks are already admitted with a diagnosis and there'll be less of an opportunity to form differential dx and perform work-up, not to mention no exposure to peds/obgyn issues. Any recommendations if I want to ultimately transition into EM?
  4. I used Davis PA exam review, Kaplan Q bank, PACKRAT, and the AAPA book. Do as much questions as you possibly can. I did over 3000 questions in total because I know I am a weak test-taker. Best of luck!
  5. I am actually a RT( R ) and PA-C myself, so i guess that means we are the "special group" of mid-levels who can fluoro while other PA-C can not?
  6. Following Thursday the morning of November 7th my friend
  7. kang1208

    PANCE advice

    What you think would be the most representative questions out there? I've heard $35 nccpa questions are more of those type of questions you'll see on the test, is this true? Have a month left to take it and all I'm using now is AAPA book along with step-up to medicine, Kaplan lectures/Questions, Lange Q&A and Davis.
  8. I was aware of this post grad ortho fellowship in HJD but I could not find further info. via internet about this program. Do you know their contact information by chance? Much appreciated!
  9. NYC PA-S graduating in August here was wondering if the job market specifically in NYC/long island area difficult to land a job? I understand its all about the connection, but at my current rotation it's pretty difficult to even get in touch with the attendings since they're so busy. Would definately appreciate any words of wisdom out there!
  10. I'm taking my PANCE soon as well. Can you please email any PACKRAT forms you have? My email is Darkcharcuny@yahoo.com Thank you!
  11. What are your thoughts on the PA job market in NYC? I'll be graduating in less than 1 year from now and would love to stay in NYC if possible. Any words of wisdom?
  12. 2.8? hm...i say wait for a year or two to re-take sciences courses you did bad in/take higher level science courses to show you can ace it. Good luck
  13. Congratulations paporzelt!! Please keep us inform about the job markets in NY area, since I also desire to live in NYC region...I'm definately willing to travel/commute far, just hoping the market won't be so bad 2 years from now!! *fingers crossed*
  14. It does seems like NYC will be over-saturated with new grad PA, making it harder to find work in ANY speciality within the next few years...
  15. I just started PA school and was also really hoping to work in NYC...are there really NO jobs at all for PA in NYC? Primary care/pediatrics/ortho/ob gyn/internal med/surgery/ER/derm....all of them are not hiring PA?
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