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  1. Incompetent yet easier to employ than PAs due to their "independent practice law" so administrators (and often they are also nurses/NPs and not MD/DOs) are preferred to get the job over us so we lost in competing for the job. Our health system actually prefers NPs over PAs as NPs does not require "physician supervision" and often difficult to find a "supervising physician" for PAs as no MD/DO wants to be responsible for our practice. If a lot more PAs don't even have a job to begin with while NPs continue to take our opportunities, it doesn't even matter what doctors thinks of us because they are not doing the hiring.
  2. Disagree. 1) Assuming people have self-esteem issues- self esteem is a personal perception and it is not something you can claim/judge. 2) We do NOT function as an "assistant" to physician (except in surgery). 3) It is because of the word "assistant" in our title, we are dying as a profession due to legislative red tapes and losing jobs to NPs all over the country (see AAPA huddle discussion if you are a member and you will see this is true). The fact that this is not happening in your town does NOT mean it does not happen everywhere else in the US.
  3. This truly is disheartening....how many years until our profession gave out and get phased out? Perhaps it's time for plan B...
  4. Great work!!! Have always loved Vermont. If things falls short here in NYC, Vermont is the place to be!
  5. Just spreading the word out for fellow practicing PAs: Please take 5-10 minutes of your time fill in this brief survey regarding supervisory restrictions/laws pertaining to PA practice and how that impacts our employment opportunities: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfD54mlTN-cNiI_a7L11CZbtcNOOW6YC7qXYJPuPu24IL3Lcg/viewform
  6. NYC is too saturated, living expense is high. Like anywhere in NYC hospitals, PAs is just a number...very replaceable. Problem is, there is a hiring freeze due to hospital revenue deficits. Not sure if anywhere across NYC hospitals are hiring right now.
  7. I do not have experience in tutoring per se but have taken PANCE 6 years ago and is now in the process of finishing my PANRE pilot. What area do you need help with? You can PM me.
  8. I just wanted to say thank you for representing us and make it public about our training and experiences, especially during the COVID pandemic that we were able to pivot due to our training.
  9. I'm looking into management positions like administration, either with a hospital or other healthcare industries or pharmaceutical industries.
  10. Hi all, I am currently holding a bachelor's degree for PA, been working for 7 years now. I am at this stage debating whether getting a MPH degree vs DMSc (ATSU and RMU so far seems to be the only option that accepts applicants with BS) would be a better option for career advancement. Would love to hear any inputs from anyone who has done either one. Thank you!
  11. Is it a 12 hour day shift or night shift? Night shift is not worth it as you can fall asleep behind the wheel, no $ is worth the risk. Not to mention you'll probably be hitting the morning commute traffic home if you're in an urban metropolitan area. Day shift is much more do-able since you only gotta deal with commuting 3x a week.
  12. Can this petition be shared to "PA student general discussion" and "Pre-PA general discussion" on this forum?
  13. I think we shouldn't put all the eggs in one basket...sure it's great if we can get all the signatures and we need to, but at this rate I'm not so sure. We need to think about plans B and C right now in case if this petition didn't reach the white house.
  14. ^This! Google/Indeed jobs in those states will ALWAYS yield NP or PA may apply. But once you apply, you will know that the ad is just for show. They will tell you they prefer NPs (not because of their clinical knowledge/schooling/experience, but because it's just way easier to hire 1 NP then hire 1 PA and then find a MD/DO SP). There won't be any proof that PAs at disadvantage to find employment because there are just too many variable for PA employment (if you know somebody personally, etc). The only proof is the personal stories we hear of fellow PAs, which you all have already heard about
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