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  1. I hope we all agree that the “assistant” has to go. I swear, if it ends up being no change...I’m done
  2. https://yourpacan.org/support-colorado-pas/ it literally took 2 minutes. Please support and spread the word if you can!! It will only help all of us as a profession.
  3. For those of us not in the state of MA, how can we can help support this? We have to share and spread this on our social media!
  4. Plan D- If you can afford it, go back to school for MBA/MHA to go into administration or another profession all together Best possible outcome is Plan A...but I doubt it will come true as MD/DO will fight for their lives to prevent this from happening....I hope I’m wrong
  5. I donated to Fl PAC, in hopes the autonomy bill will pass and then paved the way for other states!
  6. Also sent donations to their PAC....fingers crossed that it will paid off!!
  7. Perhaps those who don’t want independence practice or FPA can sign a “waiver” form and stay as “assistant”. I’m just concerned that those who wish to remain in that role will ruin for the rest of us who wanted to progress. We need to get legislatively on par with NPs one way or another, or else....
  8. Hi all, All of my previous PA jobs are classified as an exempt employee but I recently accepted a new job offer (1199 SEIU union) that is classified as "non-exempt". But I read somewhere that under the FLSA, workers are considered non-exempt if they earn less than $684 weekly (obviously not for PAs). Can anyone explain how PAs can be classified as this? What are some of the pros and cons for PAs working as a non-exempt employee?
  9. Truth. If we don't have OTP very soon, we will be done for....
  10. I too have that pride that I would never go into nursing to become an NP...but after many states declared FPA for NPs, I likely have to swallow my pride and jump ship. Unfortunately my pride just can’t pay bills and provide the needs for me and my family in the future once PA jobs are all replaced by NPs..
  11. News has it that Trump just signed the coronavirus relief bill...so does this mean it’s official?
  12. Here’s my question- for jobs which required a masters degree, do you really need to have a masters in PA studies or it could be a masters degree in anything?
  13. The assumption that there are plenty of jobs for all graduating PAs out there is no longer true, unless you willing to move across country. We are not wanted. NPs on the other hand....
  14. So now what? What’s AAPA’s next step? I know I’m paying that AAPA and state membership dues, what else can we do? I pray that this will be successful...
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