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What are my chances with my stats.....

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Hi I am new to this forum and am extremely stressed out with the upcoming CASPA cycle coming near and was wondering what my chances are with getting accepted.  

I am going to give the most detailed description of my statistics so far, If anyone is willing to look over and help out I would be extremely be grateful.  Here are my stats so far:

cGPA: 3.18~

cGPA (If I take 3 additional courses, spring 2020): 3.2~

sGPA: 3.0~

sGPA (If I take 3 additional courses, spring 2020): 3.1~

Last 45 credits: 3.7~

Last 45 credits (with 3 additional courses, 2020): 3.9~

Last 62 credits (I couldn't calculate last 60, uneven number of credits): 3.4~

Last 61 credits (with 3 additional courses, spring 2020): 3.6~

Most of PA schools pre-req grades that I got:

. A&P 1: A (Taken at a Community College)

. A&P 2: A (Taken at a Community College)

. Microbiology: A- (Taken at UF)

. Microbiology w/ Lab: A (Taken at UF)

. Stats 1: A (Taken at a Community College)

. Medical Terminology: A (Taken at UF)

. General Biology 1 & 2: A (Taken at a Community College)

. General Chemistry 1: B (Taken at a Community College)

. General Chemistry 2: A (Taken at a Community College)

. Bio Chem: C+ (Taken at UF)

. Orgo 1: C (Taken at UF)

. Orgo 2: C+ (Taken at UF)

. Orgo with Lab: B+ (Taken at UF)

. Genetics: C+ (Taken at UF) 

*I started off at a community college and transferred to the University of Florida.  Then took additional courses back at my local community college. I did not do well at my university.  My upward trend (45-60 credits) are going to be because of community college courses but I'm not sure if PA school would see that as impressive still*

GRE: currently studying (hoping to get at least a 300, 150 each section)

Volunteer Hours: 80-90 and continuting (planing to do more in spring 2020 as a team leader for habitat for humanity construction services)

Direct Patient Care Hours: 2500+ and continuing (EMT for a private ambulance company, PCA at a hospital, ER Tech at the same hospital) 

Shadowing PA: 110~ (most are from CT PA but also shadowed PA's in hospitalist, radiology and ER) *in my current job as a er tech, I work with PA's on some days and also work with ER physicians/residents on other days but I'm not sure if that matters* 

LOR: 2 (1 from my work manager when I was a PCA, the 2nd is from the radiology PA) I plan on getting my 3rd from either a physician in the ER or my ER manager.

I plan on applying to 10~ schools but I really want to go to UF because its close to where I live.  

Thank you to who ever takes the time to review this.  Any tip of advise would be great also.




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I don't think UF is one of the programs that directly looks at last 60 credits GPA - therefore they will evaluate your overall GPAs. With that said, you have an uphill battle for UF.

Low GPA.  Average PCE.  With stats like that you need to apply wisely.  I'm not saying don't apply to UF.  Just that you're not a shoe-in.

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GPAs are really on the lower side. That combined with your lower grades in your upper level science courses like orgo and biochem and no academic LOR seems like a bit of a red flag to me. 

Apply broadly (maybe closer to 15) to schools that look at last 45/60 credit GPA and submit as early as possible. Consider getting an academic LOR as many schools require one. 

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Try retaking those classes you received a C in (OChem and BioChem),  Keep up with work and get more PCE. Also look for providers that will provide REALLY GOOD LORs. As of now I'd suggest applying to programs that accept a lower c/sGPA. You're on the left side of the bell curve, be aware of the uphill battle in front of you. Don't quit and it'll pay off in the end.


good luck.

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I interviewed at UF with a 3.2 cGPA as well as science GPA, but had well over 4500 hours of PCE with a leadership role and implemented new operating procedures at my clinic, over a year's worth of volunteering as a Spanish-language interpreter at a free clinic for dialogue between providers and patients, started my own business, the only one in my family to graduate high school as well as college including socioeconomic disadvantages and being an immigrant to this country. I had to apply two times, and killed it the second time with my letters of rec as well.

I can't tell you what they're looking exactly for but some of the other interviewers I talked to, not only had 4.0 GPA's, but amazing backgrounds and extracurricular activities to boot. 

It was a reach school for me, but in the end I was denied after my interview, but am very happy attending my current program because it was always my top choice since I knew I wanted to be a PA as well as being local. In the end, it worked out for me, and my interview at UF was like a cherry on top of the experience especially after having a REALLY BAD first cycle applying to 13 schools without one single interview invite. 

The application process is such a bumpy ride you never know who's going to send you an invite and sometimes it works out. 

All in all, I knew my GPA was low, so I continued taking some classes to get A's to show initiative, and knew had to really beef up the rest of my app to make up for it. 

Good luck! 





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