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Looking for thoughts/advice on alternate, non-clinical work

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Hi all.  In short, a medical situation has me mostly stuck around the house for the time being, and, to be honest, I was already very much burning out of clinical practice in my field.

I've been scouring online for alternative/remote opportunities, but keep hitting brick walls.

As I've been a decent editor/writer, that was my first avenue of inquiry. Medical and technical writing seems to be just what the doctor ordered, but thus far, every opportunity demands, at minimum, 3-5 years of "professional regulatory submission/writing experience,"  "Years of proven expertise in AMA and AP style and journal submission," "Mandatory PhD/Doctoral degree," or, more often than not, all three of the above. Jobs in content creation for medical sites have similar demands, or are entirely unpaid. Of course, how do you get 5 years of regulatory experience when nobody will hire you with less...?

General medical editing/review jobs are nearly all in-house and, again, demand years of professional journalism or editing experience backed by large portfolios....an advanced medical degree only seems incidental.  Insurance peer to peer/review and  jobs are also either on-site only or demanding years of experience (or only open to MD/DO).

Teaching jobs are not a good fit due to my medical situation, and, it seems, despite being within communting distance  of about 10 PA schools, none are ever looking for staff.

So, it looks like unless I am able to return to the burnout grind and see patients, which I simply cannot do now, a PA degree is about as useful as toilet paper. Frustrating.

Looking for any thoughts/advice, and sorry if it came off a bit ranty. 


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Working for the state reviewing disability applications.

Working for a pharmaceutical firm in technical support.

PRN at an urgent care.

Teaching for a paramedic program if no jobs at local PA programs.

Starting a patient advocacy business for patients in need of such things.

See if you can break out of your funk and see where your imagination might take you.

Good luck.

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