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Negotiating Salary and Benefits

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Are there any circumstances where it is reasonable to negotiate benefits such as asking for a sign on bonus/compensation post accepting salary offer for a new position? I would normally never renegotiate after accepting an offer on salary pending credentialing, as I agree it can be viewed as unreliable, however what if you’re in a predicament where there are extenuating circumstances from the hiring company of a prolonged start date due to credentialing, and now are unemployed for a substantial amount of time and losing money because of it going on over a month? Then can you negotiate benefits such as a sign on bonus post accepting the offer without it looking poor, due to losing pay which was not the candidates fault and was unable to stay with my prior employer whom wanted to keep me on board (because they also at the same time coincidentally acquired by the same large organization and had to undergo credentialing) however I was unable to credential for both departments and continue to work per the new employer since changing and credentialing for 2 departments would be too confusing? Just do not want to come across as ungrateful for the great opportunity ahead, though budget and loss of wages is becoming a concern.

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I feel as though asking for a sign on bonus at this point in your journey, after already having signed on with the company, would be inappropriate. That should have taken place during the negotiations. 

You could, however, ask them for an advance on your pay to help tie you over. You should definitely let them know what your situation is, though. 

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Next time (and for people reading this thread later) don't let any sort of unpaid period for credentialing ever be open ended.  Me? I wouldn't accept one: you want me, you pay me full wage (not salary...) on day 1. BUT I know that plenty of other people have less freedom and mobility than I, so I would recommend a reasonable horizon, like 60 days, at which time they begin paying you to not work*, or pay you your pay through the required notice period if they don't want to keep waiting.

* Or you can work and they just not get reimbursed for your efforts, that works just fine too.

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