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  1. Hey all, Looks like ejw50 has it covered, but if anyone needs another resource, let me know. I was also accepted as a graduate transfer back in 2015. Graduated in 2017 and have been practicing since then. Happy to answer questions or give advice on the program, having recently completed it myself. Cheers!
  2. brooks23

    Andrews textbook very difficult to read ... HELP!

    Clinical Dermatology: A Color Guide to Diagnosis and Therapy is what my trainer uses and it's very concise, clear, and covers the most common diseases without being too wordy. There's also a really good text covering procedures which I love. It's called Dermatologic and Cosmetic Procedures in Office Practice. Good luck.
  3. brooks23

    Best Text Book

    What is the best Derm text book you would recommend? My trainer has Clinical Dermatology: A Color Guide to Diagnosis and Therapy. However, I'm wondering if there are any other good options. Thanks!
  4. brooks23

    Favorite scrubs?

    Barco one scrubs are incredible.
  5. brooks23

    Changing subspecialties

    I think if it's the right job with the right compensation package, you could absolutely see an improvement in your salary. Are you willing to relocate to find a less competitive market to get experience in? What I've found is that if you are willing to relocate, then you can get experience which would make you much more of a competitive applicant down the road in the area you really want to live. I took a job in a less desirable area and plan to move to a nicer area in a few years.
  6. brooks23

    Derm offer--Advice needed

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Not much experience, other than a dermatology rotation in school, and the derm I see in the er. I've voiced my concerns about running a clinic solo with my limited experience, and they've assured me that I wouldn't be cleared u til I'm found to be competent. They also have a system for consultations where every provider in the company has access and can respond with insights and advice. This would be a mix of medical and cosmetic derm. I would be doing excisions, biopsies, along with a variety of cosmetic procedures.
  7. brooks23

    Derm offer--Advice needed

    Hi everyone, I have been offered a job running a clinic and want to get some feedback on the offer. I have one year experience in a busy ER. I would be running the clinic by myself, and there would be a 2-4 month "mini fellowship" where I would be traveling to their different clinics for one-on-one training and examinations, etc. Here is the offer: Mon-Fri 8-5 Training Pay $75000 (pro-rated for the 2-4 month training) Base pay which starts immediately after training- $140k Bonus Structure paid quarterly: 20% of collections greater than $35k per quarter. (I wouldn't likely start hitting this bonus in the first year because this is a new clinic which needs to be built up) 15 days PTO plus holidays 5 days CME with no allowance 100% health coverage for me. I pay to add my family members. Potential for partnership down the road. I'd love some feedback, please! I am a little nervous to leave a stable position, but I know derm positions are hard to come by without experience. Thanks in advance
  8. Just my experience. I used didactic year for many of my recertification hours, and it counted. I called NREMT before logging the hours, and they said that it would suffice. They were truthfully a little confused about the situation, and didn't seem very confident in their answers, but they gave me a definite yes that the hours counted.
  9. Hi Everyone, I am a brand spanking new PA and was sent to bootcamp in Vegas this week. I understand that it qualifies as category 1 CME, but am unsure how many credits it qualifies for. The course was roughly 26-27 hours long. Has anyone been to this, or does anyone have any insight for me? I want to make sure I log the appropriate amount of credits. The certificate doesn't specify how many credits the course qualifies for. Thank you!
  10. brooks23

    California licensing question

    Thanks for the quick feedback everyone. So about this Schedule II course..Is that an online course? Or is that something I attend in person, and could potentially have covered by my employer?
  11. brooks23

    California licensing question

    Hey guys, I'm a new grad, and am scheduled to start my first job on May 1st. The first little while will just be orientation etc until I take the PANCE on May 16th. Can someone tell me what the timeline for licensing will be for me? Do I have to wait until I get my PANCE results before I can start the licensing process? Is it the same for DEA/NPI? Or can I start making headway before I take the test? All advice and help is appreciated!
  12. brooks23

    ADVICE NEEDED**********

    I had a similar situation (although I moved cross country to attend school). I was immediately accepted to my second choice school, but wait listed for my first choice. Fortunately I was accepted to my first choice ultimately. What I did (and I suggest doing) is pay the deposit to save your seat at Barry, and then wait to see if you get accepted to your first choice. It's a pain to pay the deposit, but it guarantees that you'll be going to PA school. In the long run, In the long run, it pays to have insurance. Waiting, in my humble opinion, is just so risky. You're young, and have lots of time to spare, but admission is becoming more and more competitive every year with the increasing exposure of the profession. Can you find out where you are on the wait list? What are the PANCE passing rates like at Barry? If they're decent, I'd still consider attending if you don't get accepted to your first choice.
  13. Agreed with UGoLong. Pathophysiology was my favorite, and in my opinion, the most beneficial for PA school. All the others you mentioned are great too. Virology is another good one, if it's offered.
  14. brooks23

    When to apply for first job?

    I am also scheduled to graduate in May, 2017, so I feel your situation. I've been applying to jobs for a while now (probably 3 months). Some may say that's a little aggressive, but I've gotten plenty of places who have been interested, and I just accepted my first job yesterday. I'll say this-for every 10 jobs you apply to (via Indeed, Monster, etc), you'll probably only get a bite from a recruiter for one of those jobs. It's definitely ok to start applying early, just be prepared to hear a lot of "you're too early." In my opinion, it's better to have a good job lined up; one that you've had plenty of time to search out and feel out without having to feel rushed close to graduation. Just my two cents! Good luck!
  15. brooks23

    Adventist Health in Central CA?

    I realize this post is ages old, but I was just offered a position with Adventist Health in Sonora, CA. I had a good opportunity to learn about them during my interview. Let me know if you still have questions.

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