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Should I apply now or wait one more year to improve GPA?

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After I finish this semester (fall 2019) I will have completed all my prerequisites and will have a cGPA of 2.92, and sGPA of 2.68, and prereqGPA of 2.95.

Last 60 credits hours:

cGPA of 3.83, and sGPA of 3.91, and prereqGPA of 3.93.

Last 40 credit hours:

cGPA of 3.93, and sGPA of 3.91, and prereqGPA of 3.91.

PCE: 8250 hours Primary Care

HCE: 1000 hours Primary Care

Volunteering: 650 hours working with teens and adults with disabilities

PA Shadowing: 80 hours of Primary Care, SICU, GI, ER, and Cardiology combined

Plan on taking the GRE in the spring, and applying at the start of the 2020 cycle.

Or, should I wait one more year, and take an additional 20 credits (moderately difficult classes since I work full-time and will be taking at least two classes a semester) to raise my cGPA to 3.0, and sGPA 2.94.

Will that extra year of classes, and PCE exp. be worth taking to greatly improve my chances of getting accepted? Or, should I just apply asap?

As of now, I plan on applying to Campbell, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Duke (hail mary).

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Your grades are going to be an issue at most places. After so many classes, I’m not sure you’ll change them much. Many applicants are in the 3.4 to 3.8 range.

Better to look for programs that weigh the last x credits because you have a good trend going. I don’t personally know which schools those are, but they have been mentioned before by others.

Good luck!

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As Long stated, GPA is going to be an issue.  Almost every school has greater than a 2.75 min, most are 3.0 or 3.2 listed as a minimum GPA.  Even if they state that, most won't interview unless you are 3.4 or higher (depends on the group applying). 

There is a thread in here on Schools with Low GPA and highlights the ones that look at trends over score.


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You should apply to the programs that have a 2.75 GPA minimum for this time around. You have plenty of HCE. If you have good LORs, a superb personal statement and your answers to the  university specific questions on caspa are on point, I don't see why you shouldn't. The most they can tell you is that you didn't make it. (So what. Just readjust and reapply when you're ready). While your waiting for interview/rejection emails, take some more classes to raise the GPA. if you do decide to just wait it out, keep in mind that it take a whole lot of extra classes (meaning a whole lot of time and money)  to raise your GPA even a slightest amount ( due to the averaging of grades)

I'd go for it. Wish you the best! 

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