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New Grad ED - Northeast

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Just curious about everyone's thoughts here... Had an interview today but no "offer" yet, this is just what was presented

Busy community hospital, 50 bed ED. 2 attendings and 6 PA's scheduled throughout morning and evening shifts, (2 docs on overnights).

$65/hour @ 1728 hrs (36/wk) =112,320. Plus Performance bonus available quarterly and met by all PA's throughout all four quarters last year and this quarter in 2019. 

1500 cme (seems a little low)

health/vision/dental/life competitive and comparable to area

no PTO

flexible scheduling with advanced notice.

malpractice and tail covered

Need to ask about shift differentials


Anything else missing here?


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Pay seems pretty on par with what I've seen (in the PNW at least, actually better than several)

CME is about the lowest acceptable 

No PTO does suck but is more common than not in the ED environment

Agree with above about figuring out the expectations early on, what kind of mentoring you'll have, patients per hour you're expected to see etc.

Otherwise, congrats on an ED offer as a new grad!

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Hourly rate seems good for a new grad - but EM is very region, even city specific.  You need local comparisons.

No PTO for EM is pretty standard.  The arguments are: 1) schedule flexibility lets the person create blocks of time off, 2) PTO would lower the overall hourly rate.

CME is low. $2,500 should be minimum, unless licenses, DEA, credentialing, and other fees are paid separately.

There should be some retirement contribution, e.g. a 3% 401K match.

Not a bad offer - find out about the retirement and increasing the CME.

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Thank you all. 

There is a 403b with a 4% match up to (??? have to check the paperwork) that begins on day 1 unless I decide to opt out

I would have a brief training period paid at full rate

I will ask to have the cme increased

and the no PTO thing is standard in this region unfortunately, well fairly standard (7/9) ED's around here don't offer pto and the ones that do offer it have lower hourly pay 

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Using your math you are getting credit for working 1872 hrs/yr (36/wk) hours, but only actually working 33/wk or 1728 hrs/yr which = roughly the equivalent of 144 hours of PTO.  Or you aren't getting adequately compensated if you are actually working 36 hours a week. 

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