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  1. Thank you all. There is a 403b with a 4% match up to (??? have to check the paperwork) that begins on day 1 unless I decide to opt out I would have a brief training period paid at full rate I will ask to have the cme increased and the no PTO thing is standard in this region unfortunately, well fairly standard (7/9) ED's around here don't offer pto and the ones that do offer it have lower hourly pay
  2. Just curious about everyone's thoughts here... Had an interview today but no "offer" yet, this is just what was presented Busy community hospital, 50 bed ED. 2 attendings and 6 PA's scheduled throughout morning and evening shifts, (2 docs on overnights). $65/hour @ 1728 hrs (36/wk) =112,320. Plus Performance bonus available quarterly and met by all PA's throughout all four quarters last year and this quarter in 2019. 1500 cme (seems a little low) health/vision/dental/life competitive and comparable to area no PTO flexible scheduling with advanced notice. malpractice and tail covered Need to ask about shift differentials Anything else missing here?
  3. Does anyone have any experience working a full time job and then picking up per diem shifts in another specialty right out of school. I am looking at a job that would be full time at 4 days per week but would love to pick up a day in ED/Urgent Care. What I am wondering is are there practices or hospitals out there that would go through extensive training for somebody that may only work 3-4 shifts per month with them...
  4. Does anybody know anything about this program? I am not sure if it is a residency or if it is how they train their new PA's at RI Hospital and other LifeSpan entities. Any information would be helpful.
  5. Has anyone been able to find information regarding how much new grads are making in their particular state? I have the aapa salary report from 2018 but there's still a little too much variability with the percentiles to fully understand what would be a competitive offer in my state or specialty that I am looking into.
  6. 2.27 undergrad gpa 2.78 caspa gpa after taking 13 or so prereqs with all A's and 1 B- (orgo, not my strength by any means) 30 schools applied to over 3 cycles, only 2 interviews, got into my top choice. I laid it all on the line and it has paid off. I feel that what you are doing now will make you stronger as an applicant as well as a PA student. Didactic year was hard but I didn't really struggle at all, whereas many of my counterparts whose GPA's were MUCH higher than mine had a far more difficult time during our first year. anything in this world is possible until you start to believe that it's not
  7. thank you both for the replies. This is definitely reassuring.
  8. I'm a second year student currently and I am really leaning towards Emergency Med. I have rotated through once and have an elective setup for a few months from now. I am very well aware of the dynamics of emergency department scheduling and what my future career may look like (which I am about 80% okay with). I am just curious as to whether or not you guys have gotten used to your schedules, or not. Have you come to peace with working some holidays and missing some family events that fall outside of normal (m-f 8-5) working hours. I am by no means looking for "normal" schedule, simply just trying to see how you all feel about your specific situations....
  9. Hey everybody, I am about 9 months into clinicals and I am writing in hopes that somebody from the boston area (or surrounding) would be kind enough to tell me what new grads are averaging in and around the area. I did my ED rotation a while ago but had a "different" kind of relationship with my preceptor and didn't quite feel comfortable asking what grads were being offered or making. Rumors float around all the time and I have heard of a new grad accepting an offer for 125k at an urgent care working 3 days a week and I have heard of an ED PA being offered 92k at 40 hours per week..... So I really have no idea what to expect.
  10. My school writes board style questions (2-3 sentences/case style) for our end of system exams and Rosh was extremely helpful. The caveat is to not let the percentages bring you down as there will be a ton of questions that are kind of out of left field or something that you really haven't covered in enough detail or studied enough to understand. Overall, I think Rosh has been valuable to myself and my classmates who used it during didactic.
  11. Hey there, I am curious as to whether or not I can apply for the scholarship as I approach the end of my didactic year, and if I were to receive the scholarship, would I essentially have my current student loan debt paid off or would it just cover my second year?
  12. I am a first year student in my second semester. I was told my many people to relax. I had 6 months from when I got my acceptance letter until I started and I think I wasted a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve. I am doing well and don't think that not studying has put me at any disadvantage whatsoever, but if I could do it all over again, I would have spent a few hours per week in preparation. buy an ekg book, it probably wont make much sense depending on your background, but go through it from start to finish. The medics in our class thrived in Cardio where a lot of us were just keeping our heads above water. So if you have time, devote some of it to cardiology, you will not be mad that you did. Anyways, good luck, don't go crazy "studying" but definitely do yourself a favor and look a bunch of stuff over and you will be in better shape than if you hadn't.
  13. I am a student about to start a program in the Northeast. I am currently an EMT and at this stage, which is too early to tell, I have mostly envisioned myself working in emergency med after school. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that a new grad (1-2 years exp) can make upwards of 140k+ by simply working one 8 hour overtime shift each week. (assuming 55/hr at 1920 hours would be 105k, time and a half at 82.5 with 8 hours per week is about 33k/year). I know a lot of people will talk about burnout and I am sure it happens more often than not but I am accustomed to working about 70 hours per week over the last 4 years while taking pre-reqs and applying to schools. It kind of seems that in EM you can make as much money as you want. Is this true or is there a catch or multiple catches that I am missing? *********Also, I didn't try to get into this field solely for the money but I will owe approximately 160,000 dollars when it is all said and done and it would be nice to pay down that debt down sooner rather than later.
  14. Firstly, I am writing this post to let those of you with a low undergrad gpa know that it is absolutely possible! After 2.5 years of prerequisites and 3 application cycles, I have been accepted to my number 1 school. Now, a "low gpa" is not a 3.4. This post is for those of you who are starting from the ground up, as I did. My undergrad GPA was a 2.3 Most of the people that I spoke with back when I started my prereqs told me my gpa would prove insurmountable, and it almost did. I took 13 science classes and ended up with a 3.85 sGPA and only a 2.75 caspa GPA. First cycle I applied to 7 schools with no interviews. Second cycle I applied to 18 schools with 1 interview. This cycle I applied to 6 schools with 1 interview and 1 acceptance. I did not get into PA school based on my gpa, obviously. My sGPA was great but it was my personal statement, recommendations, and hce/volunteer work that set me apart. These past five years have been rough. I found myself wondering what I was doing wasting so much time and money while working a job that left me badly injured, all while the rejection letters came flowing in. I set a goal, followed it through to the best of my ability, and created some amazing relationships along the way. If this is what you want to do and your gpa is really low, just remember that it is going to suck at times, but it is possible and very well worth it!!
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