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  1. Hey ventana, just trying to add some humor here, I used to pick patient's up from the shattuck all the time when I was an emt... The NP's can happily have this one all to themselves
  2. Just wanted to check in to see how many of you have finally reached the other side. A few days after dose 1 I had some tinnitus that turned into sounds of bill gates' voice in my ear. It went away. Then 2 days after dose 2 I felt something traveling up my carotid towards my brain. Then wouldn't ya know it, Mr. Gates himself speaking to me through the nanochip. Amazing. Blessed he chose me to be the truth-teller. A little bit of pain as the device entered the amygdala but after that it was all good. I know can hear colors and see sounds. Feel great
  3. My hospital will likely be getting a shipment in a couple of weeks. I will get the vaccine right away, sign me up. It's crazy that we feel the need to justify getting the vaccine. Does that seem crazy to anyone else? It's been through 3 phases. They have between 94-95% efficacy with reported 100% chance of surviving covid if vaccinated and infected... interestingly tho, I am in no hurry to get my kids vaccinated
  4. I'm just thrilled about the 5G nano-chips that will be injected in my arm, verizon wireless has been getting crazy expensive...can't wait to become my own personal 5g hotspot
  5. Im in the boston area and see 20+ patients per shift in the ED, we are slammed 24/7, census was low in april and may and then it exploded again, covid and tons of non-covid stuff. Other than the covid burnout and overall sense of depression during the pandemic, my job has been secure throughout the whole thing, and at this point, people will never stay away from the ED because of covid surges, at least up here they don't....
  6. I can relate to so much of all of this.... I find something that is interesting and unique to us providers and something I'd call "awareness fatigue". I (and we) are hyper-aware of covid, at all times, it never goes away. Whether I'm at work or at home I am constantly thinking about which patients or people I should have a higher suspicion for. I'm not comfortable hanging out with large groups of people, and often times not even small groups of people, even outside. There has been a massive hit to my families social life whereas so many of my friends and family members had begun to relive thei
  7. I'll take the vaccine to my eyeballs if it means seeing pearl jam live again.. Just kidding, but seriously... Some great points made here. I think one thing that gets overlooked is the "how long does it take to build a house " scenario. If you have 4 people building a house it could take 6 months. If you have 200 people building a house, it could be done in 10 days. I don't think the speed in which the vaccine is being made is as concerning when you look at the unprecedented amount of brilliant scientists and researchers working on this at the same time. The "post mutation" efficac
  8. Just read the entire transcript, some really interesting stuff in here and it was actually reassuring to read
  9. Not sure if this has been brought up but I'm curious to what everyone's opinion is... We all know, especially up here in the Northeast, that this winter is going to suck, simply as Flu coincides with people moving indoors due to colder weather, and covid cases will naturally rise for the same reason/s. The ED's will be flooded with parents bringing their kids in for covid tests cause they "coughed twice yesterday" etc and it will be difficult to distinguish btw covid and flu, especially if our rapid flu test is about 50/50. I can deal with all this, I get paid to deal with all this, and I ha
  10. I'm a year into my first job out of school, in my mid 30's, and I've made 6 loan payments thus far. I started with about 196k and now down to about 184k. My partner and I are fortunate to have made about 175k on the sale of the home we bought 7 years ago. We have just bought a new home and made a small down payment as . My question, is, would you have put the 175k towards the new house, save and invest it, or pay off the loans and be debt free? worth noting, new home interest rate is 3.0 and my loans are 4.5 through sofi
  11. we have 2 abbot machines in house. tests take about 20 minutes to an hour depending on batch size. Rapids are only available for certain patients though. I have sent a couple dozen and all have been negative, but I am in Massachusetts and our % pos rate is way down thank god. Word was that our early tests were validated. I just pray that we have the ability to rapid test every single "viral" patient when flu season rolls around, but I think we need some hard numbers on sensitivity and specificity.
  12. @Monte I just finished a shift in the ed, in mass, and one of the docs works primarily at an UC that does serum antibody testing...... Something absolutely mind-blowing, is that if you test positive for IgG, you are "required" to quarantine for 14 days by the state of Massachusetts (DPH)..... I asked, "but if you're not testing anyone for 14 days since day 1 of being asymptomatic, why would you need to quarantine?".... and he had no answer... so, with that in mind, make sure you have nothing going on for 14 days if you get tested as the DPH is following up with people and are getting involved.
  13. If all the nitrile and latex plants in the world burnt down, the new "recommendations" for rectal exams on cdiff positive patients with mrsa infected perianal abscess' would be as follows "we now recommend washing your finger before the procedure, wrap your hand with a napkin or tissue, perform procedure, and then good hand hygiene after" It's all bullshi** and we all know it. PPE preservation is obviously needed at this time but at what cost? I have to wear simple surgical mask in a non negative pressure room with covid + patients for 10 hours in a row..... but I don't "need" an n95.... what
  14. I've thought about this too, but where I work, the minute this is "over" my lovely clientele will be calling 911 for a "possible spider bite" and "back pain x6 years" within days, the ed will be full again
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