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  1. I have a strong feeling they won't let me walk but I'm going to find out soon. In other news, today the MA told me they were watching me on the cameras as the manager called and told the MA I was going too slow and to go check on what I was doing in my office. I feel as though this is going to become a very uncomfortable/hostile workplace quickly.
  2. This is from the initial offer I signed - "You must provide 90 days termination notice to cease employment. The company will provide you with 90 days’ notice for no cause termination, but terminate you immediately for cause in the event of the loss of your license, DEA certification.. etc." No mention of penalty if this isn't done.. that's the only sentence about it. which is why I don't know the risk of leaving sooner.
  3. I'm glad you brought this up. I don't know law enough, but I do know Massachusetts is an at-will employment state. Does anyone know more about what that means? I know that employers can basically fire someone for no reason but what does this mean for employees?
  4. I'm hopeful that they could be okay with it as well, but I'm predicting that the 3 months will be expected. I also don't need to quit on the spot, but feel that it's just too long under these circumstances. I guess I really just want to know if there could be legal issues if I say I want to stop at 4-6 weeks notice or so. And I agree with that hate
  5. Not only did I reach out to my medical director three times, but also the regional manager AND the owner of the franchise location. Both myself and the full-time provider I work opposite with have done the same- she is also seeking employment elsewhere. It's actually only gotten worse since these attempts.
  6. Hello, I work in urgent care, Massachusetts. The clinic I work full-time at has been increasingly taking more patients to the point where I feel as though they are taking advantage of us providers (urgent care, what a surprise!). Currently, as a solo provider site, my clinic is making a list of the first 40 people in line at the beginning of the day, giving them timeslots to return that same day for a visit. This is COVID related visits and can be all 40 med visits (as opposed to limiting them to nurse visits). Next, this urgent care accepts 2-3 online appointments for anything per h
  7. Funny enough I recently applied to Minute Clinic just because I'm looking for UC work in Mass, here is the email response- "Hi -----, Thank you for your interest in an opportunity with CVS Minute Clinic. I left you a voice mail and thought I would follow up via email as well. At this time we are not able to hire Physician Assistants in Massachusetts. We only have 9 states where we can hire PAs at this time which is MD, MN, NE, NC, MN, RI, TN, CT and TX. Thanks so much again!"
  8. Exactly my previous point.. don't accept this position with such pay. Did you spend $100-200K and all that time in school to make $35 an hour?
  9. Sounds like this physician wants to hire someone for $35/hr to do all their work. Terrible offer in my opinion unless this is something you specifically want to do. The pay is way too low, not enough PTO, you should always have CME money, fees should be covered by the employer, the list goes on.....
  10. @Lucy199 Can't say I've heard this.. wish I could find something on it.
  11. Can't comment on Cali, but for the Boston area I see offers in the 75-85 range on average. Absolutely not less than 70/hr, I make more than that in urgent care with benefits.
  12. Just to follow up on this.. Still testing approximately 20-30 people per day at my urgent care with IgG. The medical director set protocol as anyone without symptoms in the last 2 weeks can be tested. If I hadn't just started this job I'd be more inclined to not order it but... so yeah this is a waste of time and money.
  13. Thank you three for responding! I completely agree that because of its limitations, it's main use (for UC) seems like creating a $300-400 billed urgent care visit for no real answers...? I just wanted to see how others felt. This seems to sum it up pretty well. Still open to any other thoughts. The worst part about this personally is that when asymptomatic patients come in to be tested with IgG, I still have to do a full visit on them
  14. Hello, I'm an urgent care PA in Massachusetts. My workplace just got IgG availability and I'm honestly lost on its worth for the average patient. My medical director set the protocol as anyone without symptoms in the last 2 weeks are eligible. I'm looking for thoughts on this mass testing to rack up the bills versus testing certain situations? Thank you! *edited with current protocol.
  15. OP Literally mentioned pay for a major Boston-area hospital.. which pay better than outside the city. I work 45 away from Boston and should be making less or comparable pending the field.
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