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  1. If still looking, see my recent post on this thread Thanks
  2. Currently have a PANCE 365 Rosh Review subscription that expires May 7th 2020 (4 months) for sale $125 or best offer Normally a year sub costs $200 and 90 days costs $150. Can accept paypal or venmo Thanks
  3. I would definitely clarify on the potential for an overnight differential, 10-12/hr seems to be standard at least in my neck of the woods. Overall I think the higher acuity patients sounds great if you're looking to avoid the fast track and get some good experience. The short training period sucks but if its a teaching environment (with residents it hopefully is) it sounds like it could work out. Sounds like a personal decision on the career move but good luck on the potential change!
  4. Hey, thank you for the thought out reply and for taking the time to write that all out, it has been a huge help for me! I have since started negotiations for the first offer and found out some more info and I think it has become pretty reasonable. I will post the specifics below more as reference for anyone out there that could benefit from the comparison. I will plan to post more about the second offer as it becomes available. Offer 1: I have since asked for $65/hr (but expect a couple dollars more at most) For all intents and purposes I anticipate not having a scribe and if I do have an even split with the doc, it will be a welcome perk. Dragon dictation software is provided thankfully. EM Bootcamp provided free before start date and requirement of employment Business expense account of $2000 covers additional CME, organizations, equipment, travel etc PTO increased to 3 weeks. No additional sick time. Noncompete at same ED lasts for 12 months after termination. Hopefully will be a non-issue. 4% bonus is paid as a lump sum regardless of productivity. Can renegotiate @ 1 yr for base pay increase 401k vests 25% after first year Other sites will likely be an additional 15-20 minutes from home. Travel expenses are reimburseable through the expense account per IRS regulations.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a new grad fortunate enough to have 2 ED offers on the table. For reference, these are in NY (not in the city), within an hour of one another in a moderate cost of living area. My career goals are seeing sicker patients, trying to get in on more advanced procedures and making myself as marketable as possible in EM, eventually hoping to break into rural/solo ED coverage down the road. I'm indecisive thus far because each of these offers seem relatively fair but each position certainly has its pros and cons. I'll try my best to highlight them below and would appreciate hearing what you think of the offers and which you think would be better for my future development. Offer 1: Metropolitan Area 50k annual volume, 40 bed ED, Physician and APP coverage all day/night Base: $60/hr - -> 1872 hours/year = 112k + $11/hr differential for nights. Additional shifts paid at same rate (is this standard practice?) Shifts: 8 and 10 hour shifts only (I prefer 12s) - no night obligation until a few months in. 2 weekends/month Scribes: One for each physician/PA team Acuity: 40% admission rate (lots of sick folks). Spend most of time in main ED but eventually some shifts with provider in triage system. 1-1.5 patients/hr Training: 6-8 weeks as additional provider. Able to do advanced procedures (centrals, intubation, conscious sedation) with SP observing when I feel comfortable doing so. CME: $1500 (can use for licenses but no separate coverage for this) PTO: 108 hrs/year Business expense reimbursement account: $2000/yr Medical/Dental/Vision: PPO ~250/month premium, dental and vision ~30/month premium Malpractice: Claims with tail covered by employer Noncompete: only for same specialty in same hospital Bonus: No regular bonus. 4% retention bonus given at 18 month mark and then yearly. 401k: 3% match on 6% contribution. Vests 25% per year of service. Pros: Pay the same during training period (not what was said in interview but my contract doesn't reflect a decreased rate). Able to see most acuity levels with exception of arrests, newborns, STEMIs. No residents. Cons: Above would be main site but expected to work at 2 other EDs as well for same rate of pay. No psych or trauma coverage. Offer 2: "Rural/Suburban" Area 30k annual volume, 15 bed ED, 2 Physician and 2 APP coverage all day. No APP shifts overnight. Base: $55/hr - -> 1872 hours/year = 103k - Additional shifts paid at same rate. 6 paid holidays (if worked, earn 2.5x normal rate) Shifts: 10 and 12 hour shifts only. Split between ED and urgent cares Scribes: None Acuity: 18% admission rate. Spend half time in main ED and eventually some shifts with provider in triage system. 1.8-2 pts/hr. Training: 3 month "fellowship" as additional provider at half pay. Able to do advanced procedures (centrals, intubation, conscious sedation) and get credentialed to do so on own. CME: $1500 (can use for licenses but no separate coverage for this) PTO: 144 hrs/year. 36 hrs extended sick leave. Medical/Dental/Vision: PPO ~160/month premium, dental and vision ~7/month premium Malpractice: Claims with tail covered by employer Noncompete: None Bonus: None 401k: 3% match on 6% contribution. Don't receive until after first year. Automatically vested at that point on. Pros: Able to do get credentialed in advanced procedures. Extended training time. Closer relationships with other providers. No night shifts. Cons: Half pay during training. No pulmonary or neuro coverage (telemed only). After 6 months of ED work, expect ~2/3 of shifts to be worked as solo provider in urgent cares nearby. I think if the more rural ED was strictly for EM coverage and didn't include solo urgent care coverage it would be an easy choice as I could accept the hit in pay since there is a better benefit package and probably a better learning experience to be had. However, I am concerned this may turn into a strictly urgent care position which doesn't align with my goals and I'd hate to leave the job early because of it. Either way, appreciate your perspectives!
  6. No PTO is tough. What kind of training period could you expect before you were on your own?
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