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When should I call it quits?

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I have been working as a CNA for some time now and have accrued enough hours to feel confident applying this cycle. I'm graduating this summer and would much rather spend my time doing something that will benefit me more throughout my career. My wiping technique has been perfected at this point. 

I've been looking into phlebotomy programs or transferring to rads in my hospital to work as a CT tech with a goal of getting time with a needle doing blood draws or starting IVs for contrast.

My question is when will it be safe to quit my job as a CNA or transfer to another department?

I haven't quit/transferred yet because I want to put this job as 'current' on CASPA to show commitment and consistency in addition to one of my charge nurses being a letter writer. 

So, would I want to wait until my application is verified or until I have an acceptance? (assuming that happens) Thanks for taking the time to read, team. 

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Keep in mind that even if your job is listed as 'current' when you apply, if you interview, it's not unreasonable to assume it would come up that you have a different job now.

Frankly CNA gives you more patient interaction and THOSE are actually transferrable skills.  I did phlebotomy/IV starts on one single rotation during school and do absolutely none in my job as a PA.  What I do every day is talk and interact with patients.

While 'wiping' may not be in your future, I think it will benefit future careers more than drawing blood will.  If you REALLY want something that will help your future career consider nursing or EMT...but phlebotomy is a lateral move (or even a downgrade).

Changing a job should be about more than just 'how does this look on my application'.  You're overthinking that aspect of it.

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