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  1. Got rejected post interview today by email after an October interview. Others I interviewed with were told they were put on the alternate list this morning. Got into my top program, but this is definitely a high caliber program.
  2. There is hope for us! I'm in the newest generation because I will be starting PA school in May. Like you all have said, it's definitely cultural because I grew up nearly broke without any luxuries and saw my parents divorce over finances. Watching that as a kiddo, I started watching a lot of Dave Ramsey and spendings more hours on the /FIRE, /personalfinance, and /frugal reddit threads because I was lucky to see the importance of financial education before it was too late. Currently committed to a private school, but having interviewed at a state school this week, I'm planning on paying o
  3. Got a call and voicemail from Karen Kayes today for an interview. Going to try to give her a call back tomorrow for dates. I don't know if I'll go, but wanted you all to know they're still sending out interviews!
  4. Thanks man! Your tips in this forum have been helpful throughout the cycle!
  5. I thought it was less organized and less personal than the Orlando campus. Only got to meet the two faculty that interviewed me. One seemed to press me pretty hard on parts of my application, but it makes sense because they only have ~20 min to see if I can handle PA school and being a PA. The director had a great discussion with us after the group activity which was the highlight of the interview, but she is leaving by the end of the year. The 1st year students we got to talk to at the end of the interview morning were cool and had good things to say about the program. Apparently the two facu
  6. Having just been accepted to PA school, yet having read through some of the more discouraging threads of the profession, this was a very encouraging read. I think there's definitely some good food for thought here- especially for three years from now when the job search starts for me. Thanks. -a (almost) PA-S
  7. Just got accepted from the Sep 19th morning interview. I got an email at 10:59am today with no phone call. (yet at least)
  8. I had 1200 volunteer hours when I applied this year for the first time. I have one acceptance, three more interviews, and no rejections yet. But, 1100 of those hours doubled as patient hours where I was a scribe. I had 1700 hours of PCE. It would be helpful to look at the mission statements and goals of your top programs. The schools I've head back from have missions focused on aspects of providing healthcare in rural, urban, underserved, and cultural diverse communities. Volunteering in these areas specifically show a level of altruism in your application and can make you come off as a m
  9. I got a call for acceptance yesterday! They will not call for denials. If you look at the paper in the folders they gave us yesterday, it explains the different contact methods they use depending on if you're accepted, wait listed or denied. For those wondering, I have a 3.5 science, 3.63 overall, 305 GRE, around 1700 healthcare hours as a CNA and scribe and just under 100 PA shadowing hours.
  10. I got four identical emails on June 4th from all the Nova campuses telling me that there is a secondary application that I need to complete. The emails had the link for the Nova secondary in it.
  11. I submitted my CASPA app and got an email saying I was verified on May 21st. I got an email June 4th saying Nova Jax received my CASPA application. June 10th I got an email saying they received my secondary. August 14th I got an email saying I was awarded an interview and that the sign-up schedule would come out in October.
  12. Got the email to schedule an interview today at 9:36 am. Will be interviewing October 17th at 8:15 am.
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