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  1. I had 1200 volunteer hours when I applied this year for the first time. I have one acceptance, three more interviews, and no rejections yet. But, 1100 of those hours doubled as patient hours where I was a scribe. I had 1700 hours of PCE. It would be helpful to look at the mission statements and goals of your top programs. The schools I've head back from have missions focused on aspects of providing healthcare in rural, urban, underserved, and cultural diverse communities. Volunteering in these areas specifically show a level of altruism in your application and can make you come off as a more well-rounded applicant. A few hours a week over a consistent period of time show that you aren't checking a box. But, without a decent GPA, GRE, healthcare experience, shadowing, LORs and things, you won't even be considered an applicant.
  2. I got a call for acceptance yesterday! They will not call for denials. If you look at the paper in the folders they gave us yesterday, it explains the different contact methods they use depending on if you're accepted, wait listed or denied. For those wondering, I have a 3.5 science, 3.63 overall, 305 GRE, around 1700 healthcare hours as a CNA and scribe and just under 100 PA shadowing hours.
  3. I got four identical emails on June 4th from all the Nova campuses telling me that there is a secondary application that I need to complete. The emails had the link for the Nova secondary in it.
  4. I submitted my CASPA app and got an email saying I was verified on May 21st. I got an email June 4th saying Nova Jax received my CASPA application. June 10th I got an email saying they received my secondary. August 14th I got an email saying I was awarded an interview and that the sign-up schedule would come out in October.
  5. Got the email to schedule an interview today at 9:36 am. Will be interviewing October 17th at 8:15 am.
  6. Received the interview invite email around 2:30pm today with the schedule. Will be going on September 11th.
  7. Got the interview invite email yesterday around lunch time. Will be going on September 19th. @Chelsea7 I’m going to find out how to send messages so I can get my number to you. We’re going to same day and it would be cool to know someone!
  8. Interview invite came today and an email will come in September to let me pick a date with interview starting in October.
  9. Got an email today just after 12:00 to sign up for interviews. It came to my regular inbox. Going on October 1st.
  10. I'm also in Florida and a friend of mine finished at Nova Ft. Myers a few years back. He said that there was no cadaver lab while he was there so that may be another option for you. I don't know if they have one know though and I don't know what other schools are lacking cadaver labs, but that way be another way for you to finish a program with your religious obligations without a 3D anatomy lab.
  11. On 5/28/19 I received, "We received your application materials from CASPA and your information has been forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review." On 6/19/19 I received, "The Admissions Committee has completed their inital review of your application and it has been forwarded for second level evaluation by members of the Admissions Committee. You will be contacted directly if you are selected for an interview this cycle. " Hope this helps everyone. Looking forward to the rest of the cycle.
  12. I have been working 52 hours a week while doing full time school. My classes are Monday and Wednesday from 1:00pm-9:00pm and all day Fridays. I work 12 hour shifts as a CNA on Sunday and Tuesday nights from 7-7. I work Tuesday and Thursday during the day at a clinic as a scribe from 9:00am-4:00pm. I work a full 12 hour shift during the day on Saturday from 7:00am-7:00pm. It is exhausting and I don't have much free time but you can schedule meals with friends or hangout Thursday and Friday evenings. I study a lot during my night shifts as a CNA. Take as many online classes as you can, but in person classes can be taken on Monday, Wednesday and Friday if you can't do them online. I have a CNA job as a hospital that lets me keep a schedule that works. Naps are huge, especially Sundays after church.
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