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  1. Also, just want to point out you can't "transfer to radiology" that I'm aware of. It's a two year program on its own, plus a certificate for CT.
  2. Happy to announce I got accepted off the wait list this past week!
  3. I would say that is a very competitive application! Good luck!
  4. I just interviewed yesterday, and someone asked about that. I believe they said they have prosected cadavers for some modules, but also utilize a 3D computer program
  5. I just heard yesterday, and I know they started sending out invites for this particular school in late August/early September. As others have mentioned, as long as you don't have a rejection, your'e likely still being considered. I totally get the frustration though. It was starting to weigh on me more and more as the weeks were going by. Keep your head up!
  6. Well I got my invite to interview today! (After refreshing my email for the 80th time today.) Now I just have to nail that!
  7. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I'm definitely trying to stay positive, but it's so hard. The person I know who went through the program said they had a similar situation as mine (low high school and community college grades) but they said the program cares more about Bachelor's and pre-req GPA. Who knows? But I'm definitely second guessing those grades now. I'm hoping they see the trend.
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