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Let me know if you think I have a shot....

Major: Public Health, graduated Cum Laude

cGPA: 3.6

sGPA: 3.6

pGPA (all schools I'm applying have same prereqs.): 3.4

500+ hrs volunteering ED, SPCA, sorority

3 sorority leadership positions

115 hrs. shadowing trauma/surgery PA


PCE: 1700 hrs. ED Tech/MA (part time ED, part time family med)

HCE: 300 hrs PT Aide

Published research at American Public Health Association Convention

GRE: 305

3 LOR (1 MD, 1 PA, 1 research professor)



Anything I need to work on in the next month?

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Honestly there is not a great deal you can do in the next month that will make a significant difference. Having said that I think your application looks good. However, don't stop there, you should have a plan in place to continue to grow your application during the cycle. This should be things outside of working in the field as an ED tech or EMT. Things that stick out to me would be the 3.4 prerequisite gpa, if there is something you can do to fix that then start there. Otherwise take some upper division science classes. I would recommend genetic if you don't already have it, immunology is another good one and pharmacology is super helpful.

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Your stats look great and I don't think you'll have trouble getting interviews. Apply to a lot of schools. 

But I would recommend that you continue to improve your prereq GPA and your GRE score. Also try shadowing PAs in different specialties not just one, especially Family Medicine.

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