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  1. Thank you. Well said. Been saying this to people for a while now. Really well said ^^^
  2. Send out a few more. Apply to non-GRE schools, as well. You will get in. Also Apply to schools where your grades for their prerequisite courses are very high or all A’s
  3. For sure, as long as you notify them of the date or estimated date you plan on taking it. On some applications I noticed a section where if you had not taken the gre but planned to, you put an estimated date or your scheduled date if you have it set already.
  4. I replied on your topic in the other forum section.. there is hope as I stated. Just work on improving in the meantime regardless of whether or not you apply this cycle or next. Certain classes are required or not required by different programs..just know the ones you are applying to. I got into a program not needing biochemistry and not needing the GRE (although i did take the GRE to further expand my application options)
  5. ^^Retake the course later on. On my school interviews I had several W's (withdrawals) and they asked why I did this. You just explain what was going on in your life and show that your grades have improved since that course(s)
  6. I know people who have gotten interview invites with such a GPA. However, it is on the low end and you may want to get it higher to be more a bit more competitive. I would definitely recommend trying to improve your GPA whether it be with the remaining courses you need to take or even by retaking core bio/PA prereq courses you may have done poorly in. Your hours look solid.
  7. I got accepted into two schools this cycle and your stats are far above mine if we're just looking at numbers. You did for sure answer your own question. Go take that year off you should be mentally ready before beginning PA school, and it seems you will be more than ready next cycle
  8. Woo! Congratulations!! Join our Facebook group!
  9. For sure! Well said. You’re absolutely right. I did mention that notion on other posts in the past..Having the GRE does indeed allow you to have more options. That is why I took it, as well.
  10. The PANCE is not a GRE or SAT. Completely different story haha! The GRE is not relevant to anything. The PANCE is. If one can avoid a GRE retake or avoid it altogether they are better off. I'm simply saying it is silly to discourage someone from going after their goals just because of a GRE score.
  11. Apply to non-GRE schools as well! I would never retake it personally and I got 296
  12. Exactly. Well said. Tired of people discouraging others because one “stat” of theirs is low. You and I are good examples. 2 Mikes
  13. I would send some kind of follow up email to show your continued interest. I tried to keep programs updated with any resume changes or hours changes relevant to the pa program/profession so that they would see my interest being high you know. That’s what I did at least I’m not sure if the class is full yet. Couldn’t hurt to try
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