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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently in the program. Yes the new incoming class size is decreased due to needing a better faculty:student ratio. This summer around June we will be getting off the probationary status, so no worries with that. If anyone has been accepted welcome and feel free to message me if u have any important questions.
  2. It’s a little wild right now with everything going on. SUNY schools are closing and moving to online learning starting March 19th due to COVID-19 Idk maybe they’ll do Skype interviews or something lol
  3. Last year it started May 28th with orientation, and first day of actual class was May 29th
  4. Yes, a couple of our faculty have already received full time work. And they plan on having a handful more faculty on board shortly. The accreditation status shouldn’t worry anyone, including us current students as well as applicants. The program is just fine
  5. The program is fine! Us current and you future students need not worry. I’ve seen other “top” pa programs have probation periods. ARCPA is very strict, which is a good thing
  6. I don’t think there is any exact time. Just depends on how many applications they are looking through
  7. For sure, but not everyone visits these forums! I did not get my interview invite until mid March last year. Heard back about a week later. So don’t stress out too much just yet it’s just the beginning
  8. Interviews begin next week. Probably will go through March-April
  9. Yea the accreditation status is nothing to be concerned about for you current or for future applicants, or us current students in the program. It’s mainly administrative things. ARC-PA is just strict on deadlines and such
  10. Hey guys. I would probably expect to start potentially start hearing back mid January-February. Seemed to be About the earliest anyone heard Back last year
  11. any other questions please dont hesitate to post here or shoot me a private message
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