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  1. Just got an acceptance! Yay!! good luck to anyone still waiting!
  2. Wow thanks so much everyone. i appreciate the detailed responses
  3. Hello! Just wanted to see if anyone had any reviews suggestions for students who have been accepted and are awaiting the start of their PA schooling. I have already begun looking over some things anatomically, but wanted to inquire about any specific sources such as textbooks, internet sources, etc someone may have found helpful before your PA program began. And would you recommend focusing on anything specific that may pertain to the majority of programs? Thanks so much!
  4. If I receive an acceptance I will be! Haha. Just had my interview on March 14th.
  5. 2 weeks from your acceptance I think. The online payment didn’t work for me either I called them to pay over the phone
  6. $1500 deposit for enrollment seat. housing deposit was $400
  7. They have not been reviewing in the order of submission. I submitted everything mid august and some who have submitted way later than that received interview invites before me. Just be patient there is still time!!
  8. I have an interview next week! When does this program start, in summer right? And does anyone know the total cost of tuition for the program? Trying to get a comparison, Thanks!
  9. I don't believe they are going in an order based on in/out of state applicants. I am out of state and interviewed on Nov. 16th and was accepted first week of January. There are other out of state applicants who have been accepted already, as well. Do not give up hope guys, just be patient! I don't believe the class is full. If you have not been rejected yet, then you still have a shot!
  10. Wow another Cali person! Someone else is coming from there too. Welcome we’re excited to meet you as well. Request to join the Facebook group if you haven’t already
  11. Congratulations and welcome!!! Excited to meet you and everyone, as well!
  12. Hey Annie and Adrian!! Welcome!! Above is the Facebook group. That's really cool Adrian. Oh so the first year of the program is not at the graduate building ? I did not know that.
  13. ^That's a good point. But yes I think the 3 years should end up being a beneficial aspect of it.
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