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  1. @febrifuge I haven't signed it yet. I'm stalling like @CAAdmission advised. I'd just rather do the job if offered and not the fellowship. But I have no other leads or any other job openings in the area I'm looking at (applied to everything and only heard back from 2) so I also don't want to loose the fellowship and have no job offers. The fellowship is for Urgent Care and the job I'm waiting to hear back from is a surgical position. I'm slightly more interested in surgery.
  2. I would call your top 3 schools and ask them personally (that's what I did) because every school is different and you want to make sure you're getting the best information. You'll just get speculations here.
  3. Only thing that sort of stands out in your stats is the GPA (3.5-3.6 being the average) otherwise your clinical care hours are low (2,000 was the average when I talked to other applicants) and virtual shadowing isn't as impressive as in-person, but hopefully schools cut you some slack due to COVID. Rest depends on your personal statement and your interview skills. 10 local PA schools is good but for back up I would also apply to schools that are new in nearby states (they tend to have higher acceptance rates). Meanwhile beef up your stats by doing more extracurricular, raising your clinical ca
  4. I have a offer + contract from a fellowship which starts in a couple months but meanwhile I am also waiting to hear back from 2 different hospitals for a job offer. I'd prefer to do one of those jobs over the fellowship. Would it be okay for be to sign the fellowship contract but tell them I've chosen not to continue with them if I receive a job offer before the fellowship starts? How much legal trouble can I get in if I do so? Has anyone been in a similar situation before?
  5. Has anyone done a UC fellowship and was it worth it. The one I am interested in is 75% clinical and 25% didactic with 70k pay. They will help with DOT and DEA license. I am interested in UC and EM but unfortunately don't feel too confident as a new grad.
  6. Does anyone know of any scholarships for PA-S that are not part of the AAPA
  7. Just got accepted (probably cause of rtimmons lol) but declined since I have already started a PA program. Hope someone else gets the good news soon!!
  8. I think your stats look good, you should definitely apply this cycle. Apply to schools that look at the application more holistically rather than just the GPA. You have two more months so yes retake the GRE. Over the summer also try to boost up your science GPA or your prereq GPA. Let the interviewers know you are continuing to improve your application. If you can, try shadowing multiple PAs in different fields, especially family medicine.
  9. Your stats look great and I don't think you'll have trouble getting interviews. Apply to a lot of schools. But I would recommend that you continue to improve your prereq GPA and your GRE score. Also try shadowing PAs in different specialties not just one, especially Family Medicine.
  10. What apps did you end up getting? and what PANCE materials besides Prep Pearls? Trying to prep as well!!
  11. Are you guys getting accepted into Williamsburg program or the other one they have
  12. I just received an interview invite for 11/7!!
  13. I'm having a hard time finding PAs to shadow, I was only able to one so far. Currently work as a PCT at Albany Med. I have tried both AMC and SPH but no luck. I have called a lot of clinics not affiliated with AMC or SPH too. (AMC called me back and told me to stop cold calling their clinics ? and no luck with SPH) and they have either given me the run around or told me "no" due to HIIPPA or that their PAs don't want the extra responsibility of a shadow. Does anyone one know a PA in the area. It seems that the only way to convince a PA for shadow is to have some connections. Cold calli
  14. Hey i'm in the same area as you trying to find a PA to shadow. I've gotten in contact with a few clinics and PAs but they all either refused or never got back to me. Were you able to find someone to shadow and if so will you be able to connect me with them.
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