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  1. Exactly. Unless you’re going into teaching, there is currently no pay difference. If I decide when the time comes I’d like extra training for more money, I’ll just do a residency instead of sending myself further into debt.
  2. I received an interview invite as well, however after reading about the required doctorate after the masters, I will likely be turning it down. I have already had interviews at my top 3 schools, and I think it’s ridiculous that they would require this and not mention it anywhere on the website- personally I see it as a waste of my $100+ application, as I have no intention or need to get my doctorate after my masters. I hope for the programs sake they don’t lose more applicants such as myself because of this!
  3. Just received my interview invite for 10/15. This is my alma mater, so I am overjoyed! Any tips for MMI?
  4. Just got an interview invite for November!! Would love to hear any tips anyone may have. Thanks!
  5. Can anyone who was offered an interview give their stats? Just curious as this is my first cycle ever applying.
  6. That's great advice! Thank you.
  7. Thanks! I've worked as a PT Aide and am about to start my new job as an ER Tech. I was told not to list experiences or include them since they're in my resume, so that's why they aren't in there. I wasn't sure how to explain my motivation for becoming a PA without them, so that's why it sounded dull and awkward. Thanks for the help!
  8. I could use a little help with my personal statement- I'm struggling with how to talk about my experiences without sounding resume-like.... any tips? I'll attach my draft as well if anyone wants to read and tell me what needs to be improved! Thanks. Admissions Essay.docx
  9. I am going to be applying to three programs this cycle, all with different deadlines (September, Jan., and March). Will I be able to apply to each program at a different time? For example, could I apply to x program in July, y program in November, and z program in December? Or do they have to all be submitted at the same time?
  10. Has anyone been accepted with <500 HCE at time of application? I will have ~2000 by time of matriculation if accepted but only 300 at time of application.
  11. Hey all. I've decided on a whim to go ahead and apply to 2-3 programs this cycle that require minimal patient contact before applying. I have 200 hrs. as a PT Aide currently, but am starting a job as an ER Tech and MA this summer using my EMT-B license, and will be working 40-50 hrs. a week until I am accepted to PA school (even if thats two years from now). So, while I don't have many hours now, I will have over the minimum of 500 each program requires by their deadline and easily have 1800+ by time of matriculation if I'm accepted. My question is this- should I mention somewhere in CASPA that I will be working on accruing more PCE hours and update them at a later time? Is this allowed and if so, where? It's pretty daunting to navigate CASPA for the first time and I want to do it right. Thanks!
  12. I'm interested in applying to Lynchburg this cycle, can anyone give me more information?
  13. Totally understand! Thanks for the input.
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