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What to ask for hourly?

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Hello! I'll keep this to the facts!

I just resigned from an ortho surgery position that wasn't working out, 30 mins north of Boston, MA. I was making 100K flat salaried. I graduated last year, so I have 10 months of experience.

I'm now looking at urgent care/ER positions. I'm going in for a second interview next week at a nice urgent care and need to know what I'm worth hourly. I will be working with another provider for a while, and will see approximately 20-30pt/day in 12 hour shifts. I will be expected to work every other weekend at least one day. This is what I know they offer in benefits so far:

3 weeks paid time off

$2500 and a week off for CME

4% matched 401K

Paid mal, full health insurance

There is a bonus structure where if you see more than 4 patients in an hour they add additional pay. The hiring manager told me this averages out to $5-7/hr more per provider.


With this, any thoughts on what to expect hourly for someone just shy of one year experience? Again, 30 minutes north of Boston, MA.

Thank you and happy to answer any questions!

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So they are offering me $58/hr to start as a float second provider (junior provider cause I'm still fresh).. and then when I can be a solo provider they will bump me to $68/hr. Also the bonus is $25 per patient if more than 4 check in within an hour. It doesn't mean you have to see 4+ per hour to make the bonus. This is with full benefits including 4% matched 401K and dental.


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Sounds pretty good for 10 months out of school. If you're being paid hourly, you could ask about a weekend diff, which if you're willing to work more weekends could equal lots of extra money.

I'm skeptical of this $25 per patient bonus. Is that within an hour of patient 1 and patient 4? Is that by the clock hour (e.g. patient 1 checks in at 12:58 but then 3 more check in at 1:02 = no bonus)? It may just be something "nice" they're trying to do for when you're getting slammed, but make sure it's set up to actually reward you.

Also, check to see if your week off for CME comes out of your 3 weeks of PTO vs unpaid time vs it's actually a 4th week of PTO.

Lastly, I highly recommend HippoED's Urgent Care RAP podcast if you're into podcasts. Great use of CME money.

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Thanks for responding narcan! I don't believe they do weekend diffs. But I'm not going to complain at their offered hourly. The bonus is $25 per patient that checks in over 4 in an hour. They assured me it's no scramble to attain it, just a bonus to help with slammed moments. Last, it's 3 weeks vaca, 1 week sick and 1 week CME, 5 weeks total. And thanks for the podcast recommendation!

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No problem. Sounds like this is a good offer, altogether. I would try and talk to some of the current PAs or NPs who work there and get the inside scoop on the working conditions and see what their job satisfaction is like, but if you're young and haven't dealt with too much bullshit yet, you can definitely power through a year or two at this place for that kind of money and benefits to pay off loans and get a good base of experience before finding that "dream" job. 

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