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  1. If you join AAPA, you'll receive a free copy of the most recent salary report.
  2. Good luck! I hope it works out.
  3. jeepgirl

    EM Residency and 9/11 GI Bill

    Thank you!
  4. jeepgirl

    EM Residency and 9/11 GI Bill

    Hi all, Apologies if this question has already been asked ... I am contemplating applying for an EM residency in the next year or two. I have 9/11 GI Bill eligibility remaining. Has anyone been able to use their GI Bill benefits while in a residency/fellowship? I know that MDs/DOs are eligible to claim GI Bill benefits while completing their residency training. I contacted the VA Bill Certifying official at a couple of residency programs that interest me. I was told that none of them had filed benefit paperwork for a PA in residency, but that they would be willing to submit. Thanks much!
  5. jeepgirl

    New Grad Urgent Care

    Don't do it. Keep looking.
  6. Goals. Congrats!
  7. ED, recent new grad with almost 3 months on the job. Central California - an area where new development home prices start in mid $300k. I work 180 hrs/month (18 × 10 hr shifts). I also accrue another 8-10 hrs/month for dictation. With cashing out of PTO, I anticipate making between $170-180K for my first year.
  8. jeepgirl

    EMERGENCY PA'S - Question

    1. Book: EM Case Files provides a good overview 2. Online/live course: EM Boot Camp (before you spend the money, you should check with your employer to see if there are plans to make this option available to you)
  9. jeepgirl

    80k salary. Specialty- New grad- On call

    I recently graduated PA school on the east coast ... not quite the Deep South, but you will still find sweet tea on menus. New grad pay in that area is mid $80s ... but that is for positions that do not involve call/night shifts. My friends with jobs that involve call/night shift are compensated for their time with salaries in the $90s/100s+. I know you're trying to stay close to home, but you may want to consider opening up your radius even more, networking, and possibly working with headhunters/recruiters. I've read it many times on this forum ... and heard it from school faculty. For new grads, pick 2 of 3: 1) Location, 2) Pay, 3) Specialty. For me, pay and specialty were the most important ... and I currently find myself with a well-paying job for a great company in my desired specialty in California. Good luck with your search!
  10. jeepgirl

    80k salary. Specialty- New grad- On call

    You can do better. Keep looking.
  11. jeepgirl

    Goodbye student loans

    Thanks for sharing!
  12. Which region of the country?
  13. Check the AAPA Salary report, but the salary seems low for ortho especially if you will spend time in the OR. Will you have productivity bonuses?
  14. Were you given an average of how many hours you can expect to work each day?

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