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  1. Here's another vote for relocation. I relocated after PA school, because I was set on EM. Now that I have a year under my belt, the doors that were once closed to me are starting to open. Find a job in a location that you can tolerate for a couple of years. Do good work and learn all that you can ... then leverage those experiences when you are ready to move on.
  2. I have a few friends who live and work in NYC. It will be hard to break into EM without EM experience.
  3. I had a couple of classmates who had babies during clinical year. They both took off 1-2 clinical rotations after the births and their official graduation dates were delayed. I would check with your advisor to find out the official policy regarding medical leave before making any big decisions.
  4. @bovineplane great post. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I am familiar with your neck of the woods. I went to school in that area and also considered staying post graduation. I ran into the same issues that you are currently experiencing. Pay is low for a number of reasons to include oversaturation and the fact that there is pretty much a monopoly for healthcare. I graduated last year. Most of my classmates who remained in the area work for that monopoly, and their salaries fall into the $80-85K range. Luckily, I had the flexibility to move. Good luck with your decision. If you're willing to commute, you may want to consider opening up your job search to include other cities in the Hampton Roads area.
  6. No. IPAP is open to all MOS/job specialties.
  7. Don't do it. I feel like every couple of months, a new grad posts a questionable job offer. The general consensus from the forum is to not take it. For whatever reason, the new grad decides to take the offer ... and then a few short months later there is another post from the new grad asking for advice on how to quit a job with <3-6 months time on station. Don't be a statistic. Keep looking. Good luck, I hope another job offer comes your way soon.
  8. The deadline for receipt of complete application packet for the next class is Feb 13. The support staff are super responsive to questions.
  9. Hey, I'm a fellow new grad. I would pass on this offer - low pay and super niche specialty are my reasons why. I will reiterate what has been posted in your other dicussion topic. 1. Your feelings of not being ready to practice are not uncommon. Impostor Syndrome is a legit thing. Your thoughts seem to be almost paralyzing, though, and impeding your progress and growth. You would probably benefit from talking with a therapist to work through it all. 2. If you want training, consider a residency/fellowship. 3. Consider moving for better job opportunities. Good luck.
  10. @karebear12892 Does the Carolinas EM Fellowship cover DMSc tuition costs as well?
  11. If you join AAPA, you'll receive a free copy of the most recent salary report.
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