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Critical Care Medicine? An accessible and comprehensive reference is Marino's ICU Book. Although keep in mind it's written from a personal point of view, not all of the info represents generally accepted views.

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Yeah what they said.

Marino's is a fantastic reference...to help augment your knowledge and style.  It's what I started off with and I got some pretty dang funny looks when I would spout off some of his stuff. 

Without knowing your background it's a little difficult, but SCCM has VCCR "Virtual Critical Care Rounds" which is fairly simplistic but a good starter.  I'd recommend some podcasts as well, SMACC, EMCrit, VCCR, LearnICU are a few. 

Most academic centers have "prep" manuals online for residents doing their critical care rotations, searching these out could be helpful for understanding inotropes/antibiotic selection etc., or if you have the time and money finding an FCCS course locally might be good.

What kind of CCM will you be doing?

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The Ventilator Book by William Owens. It's the best. I read it twice before starting residency and I felt like it gave me an edge. Just make sure you find out what brand of vent your unit uses and what names they have for the standard/special vent modes so you can apply what you learn in the book to your machines.

Marino is great; I think the mini is sufficient, but the full shebang is certainly good. I also really liked the Washington Manual of Critical Care. If you like things put into flow charts of if/then, it's perfect. Less theoretical, more about action items.

The EMCrit podcast has lots of topics super relevant to the ICU, and the PulmCrit blog is great.

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Read Marino and Read Owens cover to cover.

Read Pulmcrit and Emcrit and listen to the podcasts.

Attend the Difficult Airway Course.

Attend an ultrasound course. The CHEST course in Chicago is excellent.

Have an attending who likes to teach.

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