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  1. Thanks everyone. I went ahead and voluntarily resigned them, that seemed the best option. I'm also not in the same specialty I was in when I had those credentials. It'll just be a pain to do the whole 90-120 days credentialing process if I did want to work at that hospital again.
  2. I was contacted by hospital I haven't worked at in over a year for re-credentialing. I told them I no longer work there, and they told me to resign my credentials. Basically, I'm wondering if there are any negative implications to voluntarily resigning my credentials? Have any other PAs had experience with this? Thanks
  3. The contract doesn't say anything about liquidating damages or probationary period...
  4. The non compete prevents me from owing an urgent care clinic, taking employees or patients if i leave for 2 years after, within 10mi radius. None of which I'm concerned about
  5. So i've received this offer from an UC ,and I was looking over the employment offer and some things stood out to me. I just wanted to get you guys take on it. I've included the concerning parts below. Does the first part before the non compete clause mean that I cant have a second job outside of the clinic, like if I wanted to do part-time/prn at a hospital? As for the non-compete, is it basically saying I cant work at any other UC for 2 years after I leave? I'd really appreciate the feedback! Thanks - Employer hereby employs Provider to devote Provider’s working time, best e
  6. Thanks for the info. I have Marinos ICU book,and I'll look into the podcasts as well. Also, I'm in general and pulm fields.
  7. I've recently graduated and accepted a job in CCM at a large hospital. I have some downtime before I start working, and was wondering if anyone had some good reading suggestions??
  8. Same I keep checking for an email. I was in the 730 am interview.
  9. I got my acceptance call :D! Beyond excited! black&blue and paluis congrats also! have you guys received any email yet?
  10. I got an email for 12/05 interview! People who've already interviewed, any recommendations on affordable hotels to stay at?
  11. Thanks a lot shortening down was one of my biggest problems because i didn't know what to leave in or take out. So I greatly appreciate it!
  12. The sight of my brother, lying motionless on the ground with water spewing from his mouth as our youth pastor avidly pumped his chest, is an image I will never forget. I became quite familiar with medical profession in a profoundly personal way when my brother nearly drowned at a church pool party. He was placed in a medically induced coma for two and half months and suffered from acute respiratory distress syndrome. My brother was foruntate enough to have a dedicated team of healthcare providers surrounding him, and he recovered within a few months. This event was pivotal in igniting a strong
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