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  • bns07 changed the title to NEBRASKA: Creighton University 2018-2019 Cycle
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Hey you all, I applied too and am super excited that Creighton has a PA program because I just graduated from undergrad there.  I sent everything in around the first week or so of June, but like some of you have said, they won't be doing interviews until November or so.  I really am hoping I get in, being this is what I want to do.  

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#ksanchez, I did not have any classes taken at a community college, but I have talked to them and said that it is a recommendation that you take all classes at a 4 year college.  Though, they will still look at any classes that you took and see whether it fits their need to fulfill the requirement.  

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I interviewed on the 7th. The process was very well done, and laid back. It seems like Creighton has a really great process and program in place. I expect them to be provisionally accredited once the ARC meets again for review. Interview specifics are proprietary information, but I will say it's a great atmosphere, and they covered everything I expected them to cover. 

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I interviewed on 11/7, received the acceptance call on 11/8, but I have decided to accept a seat in another program and am giving up my spot at Creighton. Best of luck to everyone! Based on all the people I talked to at the interview you are all very deserving candidates!

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