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  1. I think CASPA in general averages all of the scores when it comes to the original scores and retakes.
  2. Went to southern craft and it was amazing! Thank you for the suggestion! We were lucky enough to have gotten to go to roan mountain to hike in October when we were here getting a place to live. We’re both pretty laid back and just love exploring new things. We actually went to Jonesbourgh it’s a nifty little place with all of its history, and the little distillery is cute. Just trying to take it in the area before we start school. We had to move earlier for him to start his job, and this is 14 hours from home for us so it’s nice to have time to adjust as well.
  3. Hey everyone! My fiancé and I just moved to the area! Any of you guys live in the area already? If so is there anything we should try and enjoy before starting school?
  4. I also got invited to the November 9th interview, but declined. Good luck to everyone though!!
  5. I emailed them they’ll be sending out more info including a physical form here soon, they were able to give it to me a little early just because I had a physical already set up, however there’s more to the form that I don’t have yet. I’m guessing they’re wanting to solidify the class first. It’s funny this was originally my last choice school and just a backup, but after interviews other places and an acceptance somewhere else it actually ended up being my absolute favorite school!
  6. Has anyone else who has been accepted heard anything from the school yet, besides your acceptance?
  7. I’m interviewing here on the 7th! I was wondering if anyone could let me know how their interviews were set up?
  8. They do non-rolling admissions at Concordia! So you won’t hear back until mid October!
  9. I applied this cycle! Got everything in in June including the supplemental application. No idea how they are doing interviews this year since they said this year is kind of a rolling admission kind of not.
  10. I’m not sure, I’m guessing it depends on how many seats fill up and how quickly! I’m figuring at least a few other people from the 6/27 date got an offer, and I think there were about 20 of us! I’d assume based on other schools that there’s probably about 3 cycles of interviews! hopefully I am able to give my seat to someone on the waitlist though, I put my deposit down, but I have quite a few more interviews much closer to home and if one of those pan out I would probably stay closer to the Midwest.
  11. Didn’t see a thread yet! Thought I would start one! Good luck to everyone this cycle!
  12. I got an interview set up for 8/21. look forward to meeting everyone else that is interviewing then!
  13. I had an interview on 6/27/18 and was accepted on 7/3! Has anyone else been accepted? The interview was from 8-1. One interview with 2 of the professors, one with the program chair and one “group interview” with about 3/4 people. Very laid back process!
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