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  1. 5 years as an ophthalmology tech in a rural practice. I only saw PRP drops used once, for an Sjogren's patient with recurrent corneal erosion, refractory to everything else. It's much more common for cornea specialists to use it in resurfacing procedures, like mcgriffths mother-in-law. Amniotic membranes were (probably still are?) far more popular.
  2. Interviewed 11/5/18 Alternate list offer 12/11/18 Notification for the alternate list is an email that directs you to check your Creighton "application status page". One week to accept position on the alternate list or decline to be placed. They do not release alternate list rank, and alternates may be called up until 7/15/19. I am declining my alternate offer, so hopefully that at least moves somebody closer to a seat invite!
  3. Interviewed on 10/2/18. Acceptance offered 10/18/18. DMU was a great program to interview at and I felt they have an outstanding program. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to attend here!
  4. Submitted application on 6/1/18. Application confirmed 6/7/2018 with pending requirements summary. Interview offered 10/17/2018, and I'll be interviewing on 11/9/2018!
  5. "UNMC PA Interview Confirmation" My interview is next Monday, so they may be trying to get those confirmed quicker than the other days.
  6. Just a heads up. My interview date/time confirmation email went into my "promotions" inbox on gmail. Almost missed it ?
  7. I'm thrilled to have an interview! I'll be there 10/22 for the AM session.
  8. Dear XXX, Thank you again for your application to the Physician Assistant program at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS). This is a courtesy notification to make you aware that your file has gone through an initial review by our Admissions Committee and, although we believe your credentials demonstrate academic potential, it is still under continued consideration. We receive many qualified applications every year and will continue to make decisions regarding the next step in the process after initial review on an ongoing basis. Thus, we appreciate your patience as our committee continues to consider your application and all the distinguishing characteristics needed for a thorough and holistic review. We will keep you abreast of your status of continued consideration with the Physician Assistant program at RFUMS throughout the application cycle. Please contact the admissions and enrollment team if you have any questions or concerns at grad.admissions@rosalindfranklin.edu.
  9. Submitted 6/1/18 Rejected 8/22/18 I had a course pending and I am out of state.
  10. The idea is that you would probably code that post-nasal drip/etc as a level 2, whereas the "all you can diagnose buffet" patients are going to be level 4, possibly a level 5. And yeah, the 'modifier codes' are incredibly tedious. It's still a silly system, as there aren't exactly "rules":
  11. I think you misread. That says PAs and psychiatrists will receive an increase, but it may not reach 3%. And it nearly says that same about NPs; that they would receive an increase, that may reach 3%.
  12. Application submitted 6/8/18 Supplemental opened 6/25/18, completed 6/28/18 Interview invite 8/13/18 Interview scheduled 11/5/18
  13. Verified 6/1/18 Interview invite 8/1/18 Interview scheduled 10/2/18
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