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  1. 2nd to last paragraph - There is something off with the flow in the first two sentences. But I loved your use of stories to explain/portray your thoughts and feelings. Definitely a solid solid PS
  2. I agree with ecb. I used a free online service through my college to edit my PS two or three times. But, I honestly felt that I got better insights from a PA and other friends within the healthcare field as they can better relate to the realities of healthcare. If you still have access to your undergrad institution I would reach out to either the writing center or asking about any online essay review services they may have. Otherwise if it's already done you could message it to me and I could submit it for you through my online service and send you the feedback they give.
  3. I agree with what Patricia states above, your statement hits the main points of why you want to be a PA (because of previous health concerns) but it also seems too focused on a list of your experiences. I would recommend recounting an experience or two with a patient and how it impacted you. I can send you my PS to get an idea of what I mean just send me a private message. I find that too often PS become more of a list of experiences and reasons why you want to be a PA, the best one's (in my opinion) use a story or specific experience to guide the reader along the path you personally walked and how it shaped you into who you are today and what you will bring to the PA profession.
  4. I would work on increasing you PCE and volunteer hours. One of the easiest ways to set yourself apart is to have a volunteer experience - regardless of whether it is healthcare related. if anything continue to work and gain PCE until after your interviews. Then if you know you can make more money in a different non-healthcare job (ie waitressing) I would recommend doing that after you've been accepted. You can send programs an email with an update about any job or volunteer changes you have made even after submitting your application they may not count towards your PCE hours if you've already submitted (it's school dependent) but at least show your experience is continuing to grow. And these experiences can also be mentioned during your interview as well.
  5. 100k is certainly a large debt-load - depending on your loan types these will continue to gain interest during PA school and all PA school loans accrue interest while in the program. You could end up adding tens of thousands of debt just during your program. At 250k you will have close to the average debt load of physicians but be paid at most half of what they make for a salary. Not to pry but about how much are you making currently and in what role what are your bachelors and masters degrees in and when did you get them. To me it doesn't make much sense financially unless you would want to enter/apply for the military or NHSC programs.
  6. I would recommend trying to apply to programs as soon as you finish the application regardless of rolling or non-rolling. They often look through profiles in the order they receive them even for non-rolling schools. The only exception would be in regards to those with supplemental application pieces. Start by finishing the general CASPA information and personal statement, letters of rec, etc. Then work on completing any of the online supplemental CASPA questions that are specific to the programs you are applying to - not all programs have supplemental questions on the CASPA portal so you can submit for those programs first. After that I would prioritize finishing supplemental forms for schools that are rolling followed by those with earlier deadlines. As you finish each applications supplemental questions you can then submit them. I tended to do them in batches of 2-3 since mine were mostly non-rolling.
  7. Stay in NC, better future financial impact and it seems you learned a lot more about the Methodist program. Realize that during PA school your time to travel and explore will be quite limited. You are better off going for a trip to NY before school or after you finish - apply for jobs in NY if you are still interested. I can definitely understand the desire to start fresh and have new experiences but would hesitate to choose a school you seem to have more questions than answers for. I guess you have to decide how much you value location. Good luck!
  8. I would highly recommend you work at OHSU. It will increase your knowledge of the system your dream school is apart of, leads to greater opportunities for shadowing, and allows for greater exposure to the hospital hierarchy while providing opportunities to experience higher levels of care than is present in long-term care settings or lower tiered hospitals. It will likely make you an attractive applicant to other programs as well. I would also look at the job description to discern what your responsibilities would be - vitals, blood sugar, ambulation, etc.
  9. I learned I was accepted on 11/30 through email and have until 12/14 to pay the deposit. So 2 week grace period. To my knowledge CSS doesn't rank or number waitlisted individuals so it's difficult to know how much movement will occur or has occurred in the past. I went here for undergrad and it's a good program that has rotations throughout northern MN (though expensive like all the other MN PA programs). I currently have a friend who just started clinical rotations here this fall and enjoyed her didactic experience.
  10. Also just as an update on class numbers, as of 11/20 there were around 30 accepted students who had paid deposits. The last admissions committee meeting was on 11/29, therefore the number has likely increased.
  11. Got my acceptance call on Friday 11/30! Interviewed on 11/20.
  12. Only one school didn't impress me, and that was mainly due to the classroom settings and location rather than the curriculum/staff. For the other four programs, I created a spreadsheet of my impressions and other stats. I currently am deciding between two programs (one MN and one IA) and am waiting to hear back from one other that I've interviewed at. So at this point, I haven't made a decision, although I likely won't attend St. Scholastica.
  13. Got my acceptance email this morning! Good luck to those on the waitlist, I'm sure there will be some movement over the next few weeks.
  14. Somewhere between 5-10. I accidentally deleted the reply from grad admissions last month.
  15. Got the acceptance call yesterday evening! However, I will be turning it down as I have chosen to decide between two other programs. Congrats to those accepted! To those who were waitlisted don't give up hope, your number has decreased by 1 and there is lots of movement during December and January as students hear back from programs.
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