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I submitted my application mid-June, but have not received verification from all the schools that I have applied to. I'm curious as to why this might be the case because some applicants (from the PA forum) reported that they have submitted later than me and already got verification from those schools.

I think my pending transcripts from my summer classes might be preventing me from verification, however, the classes I took are not prerequisites for any of the schools that are pending verification. I have not updated my summer grades yet, but will be doing so soon. I'm just waiting for confirmation regarding one of my grades before I update them.

If it is my transcripts, will this hold me back from getting interviews/secondaries? I also wont be able to submit a paper transcript for my updated grades until mid August because that's when my school publishes grades for the summer sessions.

Any advice as to what I should do? I plan on contacting the schools soon.

Thanks in advance

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The verification process will not be completed until ALL of your transcripts are verified, even if the pending courses are not prerequisites. That is why you haven't gotten a confirmation from the schools you applied to. 

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18 hours ago, xxxrj said:

I didn't get an email, stating that my application was verified from caspa, however, I have gotten Emails from programs stating that my application was verified with them.


Is a caspa verification different from a school verification?

On CASPA, if you go on "Check Status" tab, you can scroll down and see all of the schools you applied to. It should say "verified". 

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