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  1. Thank you for the information!
  2. I didn't get an email, stating that my application was verified from caspa, however, I have gotten Emails from programs stating that my application was verified with them. Is a caspa verification different from a school verification?
  3. I submitted my application mid-June, but have not received verification from all the schools that I have applied to. I'm curious as to why this might be the case because some applicants (from the PA forum) reported that they have submitted later than me and already got verification from those schools. I think my pending transcripts from my summer classes might be preventing me from verification, however, the classes I took are not prerequisites for any of the schools that are pending verification. I have not updated my summer grades yet, but will be doing so soon. I'm just waiting f
  4. Has any one received a verification email for their caspa application?
  5. Thank you all for the great advice! Would calling or emailing be best? I live in Hawaii so my time zone is quite off for most programs.
  6. Just got my GRE scores back and realized that I did pretty poorly on it... V:147 (35%) Q 151(43%) W 4.5 (82%) ***Forgot to mention-- I'm sure I just got unlucky with this test, I was doing quite well on all of the practice test scoring in the 305 to 308 range. I would really consider retaking the exam, however, I dont think ill fall into the "early" applicants for rolling admissions schools Other stats Cumulative GPA: 3.95 Science GPA: 3.95 Number of hours and type of PCE: Physical Therapist Aide 2080 Hrs. ER Medical Scribe ~2000 Hrs. Number of hours and type of HCE: E
  7. As many of you pointed out, I made a typo with the scores. Meant to report 305-308. I understand that the test score doesn't reflect my performances during school. I was honestly shocked by them as well considering my prior performances. I'm more than sure it was a fluke, but the schools that I am applying to wont know that.
  8. Im wondering what some of your thoughts might be about my situation. I was scoring in the 505 to 508 range for all of my practice test, but when I took it today, I scored 298 (147 v and 151Q). I'm honestly quite shocked considering my prior performances... Would it be advisable to take it again? With the current score, I have one school that has a hard cut off. I'm quite nervous about the other schools as well now, since some of them have higher admissions statistics. As for my other stats. Cumulative GPA: 3.95 Science GPA: 3.95 Number of hours and type of PCE: Physica
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