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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. I have extremely similar feelings about my current job (PCT on a Med/Surg floor starting PA school in August). I’ve been there for 7 months and it drives me absolutely crazy. It has changed me for the worse, and I’m currently looking for another position. Bottom line..life is too short to be THAT unhappy. Roll the dice and go somewhere else. Odds are it won’t be any worse, right? Good luck!
  2. The ones who, when I tell them I got into Physician Assistant school, say “oh so you eventually want to be a nurse, right?” (I’m a patient care tech starting PA school in August.)
  3. Firstly, there are many opportunities for PAs outside of the OR. Even if surgery isn’t your thing, you could always work in a clinic. I shadowed a PA in a dermatology office and had been several times, but on my 5th visit or so, I was watching her suture and became very dizzy and nauseated. I tried to fight it but had to leave the room after several minutes. Turns out my blood pressure had dropped significantly from standing for so long with my knees locked out. Make sure you are shifting your weight from side to side when you stand, and eat and drink something substantial before you go.
  4. @zoltman since you interviewed last year, can you provide any advice? I don’t want to go buy a second suit, but I certainly don’t want to be the only one not in a suit on that first day.
  5. With the interview being two days, are y’all planning on wearing a full suit on the first day as well?
  6. This is very creative and 100x better than any poem I could write, but honestly I think it would be super risky to do this...hopefully someone who’s worked in admissions could chime in here.
  7. I’m only a patient care tech at a hospital, but I’ve encountered a handful of people that I would love to give a piece of my mind to for how rude, demanding, and awful they are. Honestly, there’s nothing to be gained by confronting her..even though she is clearly in the wrong. The best thing you can do is fire yourself from her case, and move on. When you do see her, just ignore her as hard as it is. There are people out there who are mad at the world. And even though you are perfectly kind and decent to them...they will still be mad at the world. My saving grace is to tell myself, i
  8. I know that doing well with my PA applications doesn’t mean anything in terms of applying to medical school. The MCAT is a huge unknown for sure. I know that I could apply and not get in, which is it’s own issue. Cumulative GPA and sGPA are both a 3.78. BCP GPA is a 3.65. The MCAT also plays a large role though. I start PA school in August. I really do appreciate all the responses. I know my situation isn’t all that unique, but it’s always helpful to hear from those older/more experienced than myself. At 24 and six months into working my first job ever (I was a stu
  9. Hi all, I have seen many times on this forum where practicing PAs express regret over not attending medical school. I went back and forth during undergrad before settling on PA. I have been fortunate enough to receive interviews at 5/7 schools I applied to, declined several with 2 acceptances and one more interview on the way. I have recently had the feeling creep up that I am selling myself short. And I don’t mean to disparage the profession in any way, but I find myself feeling jealous of a few people I know that are in medical school. I’m not sure if I’m just overthinking things
  10. I have a somewhat related question...I had intended to retake a pre-req I got a C in this fall, but I got a full time PCE job that prevented me from taking it. But I already had put the class as “planned” on my CASPA and when I called CASPA, they said they couldn’t remove it from my application. I have ended up getting accepted at my top choice and the C still meets their minimum requirements for acceptance. They emailed me yesterday asking for the new class and when I explained the situation, the admissions counselor said this could potentially impact my acceptance. Thoughts? She said they ma
  11. I got a C in one of my prerequisites and I was sure it was going to sink my application but it didn’t (got interviews at 5/7 of the schools I applied to; accepted to my top choice). But the rest of my grades were top notch. Pay attention to your programs’ requirements because if they require a B or higher in prerequisites, you’d probably have to retake it. If not, I would just say to make sure you do your best to get A’s in the rest of your chemistry classes to prove yourself. Good luck!
  12. I am one of the applicants that was admitted to PA school with very limited experience. For the past 5 months I’ve been working as a patient care tech on a med surg floor at a large hospital in a downtown, urban area. My eyes have certainly been opened to say the least. I have found that I have little patience for crazy people and it has definitely made me biased in favor of specialties like surgery or dermatology vs psych or inpatient medicine. That being said, I would strongly recommend obtaining experience prior to applying. I volunteered in a hospital for several years during undergrad, bu
  13. Just declined my invitation to interview on December 11th as I have already committed elsewhere. Hopefully this opens up a spot for someone else!
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