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  1. lctexas4

    PS Swap?

    Hi! I was accepted already this cycle so I don’t need mine critiqued, but I would be happy to read over yours! Feel free to message me the essay.
  2. lctexas4

    Feeling Uneasy??

    I lost sleep the night after I interviewed at my top choice over a question that I thought I had given a weak answer for. Once a few days passed I felt better, but honestly just remember that whatever is meant to be will be. No one has a perfect interview, and the ad comms know everyone is nervous. You are your own worst critic so try to distract yourself in the meantime and not dwell on every little detail. Good luck!!
  3. It was MMI. I can't speak for others, but I personally didn't have any ethical questions. Mine were traditional, but I was also asked to recall some experiences where I dealt with adversity. Prior to interviewing, I googled MMI questions and really tried to recall my own experiences. My honest advice is to be yourself, stay calm, and take a breath if you need one. I felt that the interview was super laid-back. Out of a 3.5 hour day, you are doing interview activities for only about an hour (which I guess could be a good thing or a bad thing). The rest is touring the campus and asking the students and faculty questions. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions!
  4. lctexas4

    2018-2019 Applicants

    I as well will be declining for my top choice that’s also 5 minutes away from my apartment ?. I shadowed several PA’s from Harding and they were all spectacular. I’m glad to know someone else will get my seat who’s equally deserving! Good luck to everyone!
  5. I got accepted as well! This has been my top choice for so so long and it is absolutely a dream come true! Seriously cannot believe it. Congratulations to everyone accepted, and I hope that others of you find your perfect fit in a school! Can’t wait to meet everybody!
  6. lctexas4

    The Waiting Game

    This is critical. lol
  7. lctexas4

    The Waiting Game

    I applied to 7 and have only heard back from 2, so I feel where you’re coming from! Seems like a lot of us are in that boat. Good luck this cycle!
  8. lctexas4

    Sending thank you cards?

    I plan on leaving a thank you card with the receptionist or secretary at my interviews. My advice would to keep it brief and professional..thanking them for their time and the opportunity to learn about their program and that you look forward to hearing from them. That’s really all mine will say. I figure as long as it isn’t too overbearing or emotional then it’ll be fine! Just my two cents. Good luck in your interviews!
  9. Thank you for sharing and providing some insight!
  10. I have a C in a prerequisite and I’m interviewing in two weeks. I went to the open house and specifically asked Felicity, “after a candidate interviews and the faculty meets to discuss acceptances, do they review the candidate’s CASPA AND interview, or do they go strictly off the interview?” And she told me, “once you’re granted an interview, the faculty believes you are on paper what they’re looking for and able to handle the rigors of the program. They base their decision solely off the interview at that point.” That’s what I was told and I don’t know why she’d lie. And I agree, why would they grant an interview to someone they definitely wouldn’t accept. I as well was very very worried about the C. Guess we’ll have to see what happens.
  11. lctexas4

    Any Advice is greatly appreciated

    Hi! I am a first time applicant so definitely feel free to ignore anything I say. Personally, I’ve heard that admissions doesn’t want to read a long, descriptive story. Additionally, this story isn’t directly about you or someone close to you or someone who made a huge impact on you. It just seems like a really indirect and random way to get to the point of it-you happening to meet a PA. A story can work, but I think it needs to be about you in a clear and concise way. I kinda found myself being confused as to what the point was while I was reading it. I feel like those are characters you could spend talking about yourself and why you would make a great PA. The PS is the only opportunity to sell yourself beyond your resume and show what makes you unique. To me, that intro paragraph could have been written by any applicant, as it gives the reader no information about who you are. The person above me loved the story so again, it’s a matter of preference. That’s just my two cents though. Good luck!!
  12. There are some reasons why you may have not gotten an interview that have nothing to do with your stats. Possibly the PS, GRE, or possibly because you just don’t fit what a school is looking for? I applied to 7 schools and have received 2 interviews so far and both were at schools I really didn’t think I would get an opportunity to interview at..so it can be kinda surprising how things play out and how schools view your app. I would think you’d certainly get multiple interviews before the cycle is over and honestly, I’ve heard time and time again how luck plays a role in getting accepted. Don’t panic just yet..there are still lots of interviews to be given out.
  13. Quick question..did you only apply to UTSW?
  14. lctexas4

    2018-2019 Applicants

    I sent mine in on June 20th.
  15. lctexas4

    2018-2019 Applicants

    cGPA: 3.78 sGPA: 3.78 BCP: 3.65 PCE: 330 hours at time of submission HCE: 110 hours Volunteering: 90 hours Shadowing: 165 hours across 9 specialities extras: 4 year Student-Athlete at Arkansas State University, chemistry tutor for student-athletes (80 hours), 2 years on Student Athlete Advisory Committee for leadership, coached a junior volleyball team, conducted and presented my own research project at my university’s research fair, various awards and honors from the university and from my athletic conference for GPA.

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