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  1. Thank you so much for answering! Do you really recommend going to My HSC Day? As far as your class, did many people attend? Thank you!
  2. If there are any current students, could you please provide advise on housing? Thank you!
  3. I interviewed on Nov 10th and was accepted on Tuesday! I was wondering if a facebook was made for all the accepted students?
  4. Congrats!!! When did you get the invite and when were you under review?
  5. I was wondering if theres already a facebook group for accepted students?
  6. My interview invite letter said "rotating faculty interviews" which sounds like MMI to me, but I went through last year's thread and they said it was traditional.
  7. I'm also invited to interview on September 17th! I'm excited to meet you! For those who were wondering, I got my under review email on August 8.
  8. Should I be worried that I havent gotten that email and mine was verified on June 30th?
  9. Congrats you guys!!!!!! Do you mind sharing when your application was up for your review? thanks!
  10. Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing when you were verified/ when you received your "under review" email?
  11. Hey guys, has anyone heard back yet? I just got my "Still in review" email today
  12. On CASPA, if you go on "Check Status" tab, you can scroll down and see all of the schools you applied to. It should say "verified".
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