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  1. I use an external monitor with my Lenovo and it's never been an issue. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  2. What are you expecting to get from them?
  3. I can see the logic in that. But, we'd definitely have to explain that one to patients over and over. Unknowing patients may even confuse it with naturapathy.
  4. I agree! It's misleading and shady. Most patients don't know the difference and NPs don't care to make them privy to the "secret."
  5. Interesting viewpoint, thank you. I was unaware of the credit hour information. In that case it makes more sense to award a higher degree. As it stands now, however, I would argue that a DNP doesn't make an NP any more qualified than a PA. And, pursuing a doctorate because NPs get one is foolish - at this point anyway, when we have to pay more for a doctorate and spend longer in school. We just make our income stretched thinner with greater student debt. I'm already of the sentiment that a doctorate degree has fallen victim to inflation in many fields. I just cannot justify graduating with doc
  6. What good reasons do you have for making our degree a doctorate? I find that more of a barrier than anything.
  7. Someone may have said this already, but, they will take the better of the two GPAs. It's not automatically the last 40 for everyone. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk ETA: I misread your comment initially as cumulative instead of "competitive." But, I'll leave my comment in case it helps anyone else
  8. CASPA, and probably any other school that doesn't use CASPA, requires you to report all college courses regardless of level, grade earned, or completion status. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. There is absolutely no way on Earth I would be passing this first semester of PA school if I had a newborn baby to care for right now. I have two kids ages 11 and 6. I would never trade that time I got to spend with them full-time as babies for anything. You have to do you, but if it were me, and I found out last year I was pregnant again, I would definitely defer a year. Best wishes!
  10. Most of my prerequisites were post-bacc at a cc. I am starting PA school in two weeks. When I was researching programs there was one in my area that did state on the their website that they give more weight to university credit vs cc. But, that was only one out of 5 or so schools I was gathering info on. Also, having a BS wouldn't necessarily be any better for you than a BA. My BS is in Business Administration: Management and Organizational Development. Definitely no majors-level science curriculum there. LOL I was always told that a BA has the same core curriculum as a BS + extra art/humani
  11. As a parent of a child with extra needs, do not plan to have a baby during school. You have no idea what challenges you may face,and you don't want to sacrifice your future as a PA if you don't have to. Also, I had HG until 18 weeks pregnant (and, some have it their whole pregnancy) with my second child and would never been able to stay in school that way.
  12. I only had 60 ish hours. Find a different school. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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