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Should I reconsider applying to certain schools?

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Just got my GRE scores back and realized that I did pretty poorly on it... V:147 (35%) Q 151(43%) W 4.5 (82%)

***Forgot to mention-- I'm sure I just got unlucky with this test, I was doing quite well on all of the practice test scoring in the 305 to 308 range. I would really consider retaking the exam, however, I dont think ill fall into the "early" applicants for rolling admissions schools

Other stats

Cumulative GPA: 3.95 Science GPA: 3.95

Number of hours and type of PCE: Physical Therapist Aide 2080 Hrs. ER Medical Scribe ~2000 Hrs.

Number of hours and type of HCE: Elementary School Health Room Assistant 150 Hrs.

Number of hours and type of non-clinical volunteering: ~138 Hrs. Charity basketball program I run (~50 Hrs still active) Assisting in an outreach program for underserved areas (~80 Hrs, still active), Parkinson's Walk Volunteer (8 Hrs.).

Number of hours of PA shadowing: 0, but I work alongside them during my time as a medical scribe.

Number of hours of other physician/healthcare shadowing: Pediatrician: 150 hrs. Family Med: 20 Hrs. Spent 2 years writing notes for MD's.

Other Notable activities: I am a substitute teacher that has been part time teaching K-12 for the past 2 years. ~1000 Hrs. I am also AHA BCLS certified.

Ive applied to a handful of schools that require the GRE. There are some programs Ive applied to that do not require them. I looked into the admissions statistics for most of the schools and I'm below their averages for the GRE, but above in GPA and Clinical hours. I understand that the GRE is a checkbox, but I'm worried that I might get screened out based on it alone.

Im applying to 13 schools this program. All are accredited and mainly in the west to mid west regions. I applied to 2 schools out of that region, where 1 is in North Carolina and the other is in Connecticut.


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I  did not take the GRE at all and only applied to programs that don't require it, so I don't know how programs use it in screening exactly. You're very close to the 300 average they look for, but your GPA is stellar and you have a good amount of PCE hours so I personally would still apply. I think largely this is school dependent and some schools may auto-filter you out and some will look at everything. If the school does not list a specific GRE minimum, apply. 

If you want to ease your mind, call every program you want to apply to and just ask if they auto-filter for GRE but you have a very high GPA. Some will b willing to tell you if they look at the whole application or not. 

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