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  1. Hello everyone! Congratulations to those accepted and good luck to those still in the application phase! I'm a current student (NJ campus) and we are doing a clothing sale fundraiser right now and I wanted to share it with anyone who may be interested in purchasing some PA merch! Jefferson items that say PA program on them are only sold when classes from any of the campuses do sales ourselves. https://express.luckydogcustomapparel.com/ju_pa_program/shop/home
  2. Hello everyone! Congrats on acceptances and to those interviewing or waiting, best of luck! I'm part of the NJ Class of 2021 and we are selling shirts and sweatshirts as a fundraiser for PA Olympics! It's an event where 8 local programs come together to compete to raise money for a local charity of choice. This year we are raising money for Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation. I'm sharing the link below for anyone who might be interested in purchasing or sharing with friends! You can get the item shipped directly to you, no need to send it to school, and they're all physician assistant designs, no Jefferson name so feel free to share them with anyone else! If you have any questions about the NJ campus specifically feel free to message me! https://www.bonfire.com/store/jefferson-pa-program/
  3. 3.43 cumulative GPA 3.32 science GPA ~ 6,210 PCE hours (EMT) ~ 5,000 volunteer hours (4,000 of my PCE was purely volunteer) 60 shadowing hours
  4. I also received an interview invite for October 15th today. I will be turning down the interview though as I already accepted a seat in another program. Hopefully it opens a seat up to someone hoping to attend! Best of luck everyone!
  5. Still no news! Brooke said in an email when I asked that if they finalized this all accepted students would be informed and they were hoping to do so in the following weeks. Hopefully soon!
  6. I was verified May 18th e-mailed by Bridgeport the 22, so if you haven’t heard you aren’t out. I was sure I was but they are still going through applicants!
  7. I’m also emailing and telling them the reason I’m revoking my app is because they are requiring this before an interview or accredation and hoping they’ll push this back for you guys. Seems unfair to pay all this money and not even know if they’ll be a program next fall.
  8. If that’s the case I will be removing my application for consideration. Not spending another $100 after CASPA that I wasn’t aware of before applying to not be guaranteed an interview, but I have an acceptance elsewhere so it’s just not cost-efficient for me. Hope everyone who hopes to attend attend this programs gets accepted!!! Best of luck everyone! I’m rooting for you!!
  9. My sheet to be filled out is TOTALLY different than this one........ my letter said 2000 but my sheet was just name ID, start semester and then said 300 deposit. So, so weird. Tuesday can't come soon enough.
  10. I got the letter, and I see the confusion! The form they want us to send back says enclose a $300 deposit but ours is 2K. I imagine they just want us to fill it out and not send the 300 but do let me know what they say! It is a touch confusing. Happy holiday weekend!
  11. What do you think it means...? Anyone with interviews receive this? I'm so confused since we already received confirmation of our applications!
  12. I have not, but I haven't checked the mail today! Did you receive anything? I received a follow-up email with WedAdvisor login information and that was it! I also haven't paid my deposit yet (doing it when I get home today!) though so that is possibly why!
  13. Just got a generic email thanking me for my application and saying they will contact me if they need further info to make a decision. There was also a link to their portal, which just says my application is being reviewed. I feel like this was a gentle "you're out" without a rejection just yet haha! Good luck to those with interviews!!!
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