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  1. Undergrad Ed School: Drexel University, B.S. Health Science, Minor in Biology GPA: 3.88 sGPA: 3.94 Age at application time: 22 1st GRE: V151 (52%), Q147 (27%), W4.0 (60%) = 298 total (would have retaken but I didn't want to waste 200 bucks to break 300, I’m awful at standardized tests anyway) Experience: HCE (1,000 TOTAL): -CNA in long-term care, short stay rehab units and a secure dementia unit = 1000 hours (some supplementals wanted my projected hours so I put 1500 hours for those schools) Volunteer (217 TOTAL): - Soup kitchen in downtown Philadelphia = 12 hours - Nutrition educator and food pantry volunteer = 100 hours - Helping a non-profit organization provide nutritious food to those living with chronic disease, meals were catered to various illnesses = 105 hours Extracurricular (not included in my CASPA): I was (and still am) big into weightlifting but did not include it on my CASPA. I always trained individually and not on some powerlifting team. This is really all I did outside of my school work while in college. No clubs or greek life. If I were to ballpark the number it would be approximately 1,800 hours for my years in undergrad :') Research (500 TOTAL): Evaluated the expression of the protein ABCC10 in human embryonic kidney and ovarian carcinoma cells at Fox Chase Cancer Center during my sophomore year as part of Drexel’s co-op program = 500 hours Shadowing (24 TOTAL): 10 Gastroenterology PA-C 14 Dermatology PA-C LORs (4 TOTAL): - Derm PA - LPN I worked with on long-term care as a CNA - Professor who taught A&P as well as exercise physiology in undergrad - Volunteer coordinator at food pantry in Philadelphia Achievements: Honor Roll (from Red Cross during CNA training) Alpha Eta Honor Society Magna Cum Laude graduation honor Delta Epsilon Iota Honor Society Dean’s list (9 total quarters as undergrad) Drexel Scholarship Licenses + Certifications: CNA license in PA CNA license in NJ Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Schools Applied (12): Duke, Yale, Quinnipiac, GWU, Tufts, South (Savannah), Barry University (Miami), Rutgers, LIU, Jefferson (both East Falls and Center City campuses), and Drexel (I know this is an exorbitant amount of schools for my GPA and hours, but I’m also type A and paranoid and did not want to go through this torture twice) Application Submitted: May 6th, 2018 (no transcripts, LOR’s, or test scores were missing) Application Verified: May 7th, 2018 Interview Invites (w/ date of interview): South University (6/20), Jefferson East Falls (8/14), Drexel University (8/16), Rutgers (8/28), Barry U (9/91), Jefferson Center City (10/2), Interviews Attended: South U (Savannah), Jefferson East Falls, Drexel, Rutgers, Rejected without interview (w/ date of rejection): Tufts (7/11), Quinnipiac (11/1), GW, Yale, Duke Accepted: South University (Savannah), Jefferson East Falls, Rutgers, Drexel *Never heard ANYTHING from LIU* Attending: Rutgers Attempts: 1
  2. Just got the email for rejection! I’m not very surprised.. so few seats, only 1,000 hrs PCE at the time of application, and I’m a younger applicant! Good luck to those interviewing still, those offered seats, and those who are still waiting to hear back!
  3. Still haven’t heard anything yet. I’m going to assume that I’m on some type of interview hold/waitlist since I submitted super early and still haven’t heard anything! Hopefully some good news soon! ??
  4. If I remember correctly it’s a 30 minute traditional interview with 2 faculty and a current student!
  5. I’m sorry to hear people are getting rejected.. I have a feeling I will as well. I’ve come to the conclusion that even if you don’t attend Duke, it doesn’t mean you can’t be an amazing PA some day! Even if you don’t get in this year, it does not mean you can’t be an incredible physician assistant in the future. Best of luck to all the applicants this cycle! ?
  6. If I was placed in queue very early and haven’t heard anything while people who submitted later have received interviews, should I assume it’s unlikely to be offered an interview spot this cycle? Edit: Placed in queue on July 19th..
  7. Angelica just called to offer me a seat! I’m excited to put my deposit down after the holiday weekend! Rutgers was my top choice out of all the schools I’ve interviewed at ?
  8. Received an email of interview dates for 9/21, 10/12, and 10/19. Declining my interview because I’ve already been accepted to schools closer to me! Hopefully this opens up more spots for other potential students. Good luck everyone ?
  9. Mine did not come through spam and it was not from CASPA. It looks like it came from TJU directly with the heading “Congratulations from Thomas Jefferson University, East Falls Campus!” Good luck!
  10. Received an email today at noon saying I was accepted to East Falls. I will most likely decline my seat as I am waiting to hear back from another program. They said I have 14 days from the time of acceptance to send in my $2,000 deposit. Good luck to everyone!
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