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So I've been researching programs to apply to next cycle 2019 and I was just wondering if anyone knows if some schools really do factor in PCE hours planned to gain before potential matriculation? I feel that my application is very well rounded and my stats are exactly at average except for PCE. This summer I'm becoming a certified phlebotomist, working part time next year and then full time during my gap year while applying to PA school (I do have a little experience but its not paid/volunteer/not certified). I'll most likely have 400-500 hours by time of application and then +2000 one year full time before the program would actually start. Thoughts? School suggestions?

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Two items to address in this thread.

1 - Schools that project hours  - if you go into CAPSA and identify the school you want to apply to -- look at he questions as part of the school application.  One of the schools questions was show how you plan to meet the PCE hours.   In my case I was shy at the time of application, however could project (I was only 90 hours short of the 500).  However as stated above, most schools do not project hours.  Most schools want a fully graduated, all requirements met student prior to application.


2 -So I will give you my experience on Phleb.   I have seen here that its counted by some schools and have heard stories of "this is how I got into PA school" by being a Phleb.  I would have thought sticking needles in peoples arms would be pretty good hands on PCE.  

With that said - one of the schools I applied to last cycle (note -- I was not done with my undergrad yet) and didn't make the cut.  I asked how I could improve my chances.    Their reply back was "GPA  and GRE looks strong, no issues there as long as final grades are inline.  PCE hours were low  and of low quality.  One was single repetitive motion and the other did not involved patient care.  Would suggest obtaining additional hours as CNA or MA".  (At the time of application I had 400 hours of Phleb and 100 hours of HCE LAB while still working these)


I did not want to go back to start over as a CNA or a MA with additional schooling while still finishing up my undergrad and working 2 part time jobs to get the hours I'm getting.  So you can imagine the impact to my confidence and ability to get into other PA schools. 

I'm not trying to scare you or to burst a bubble, I'm just telling you my story.  So what's next?

First - the good news is your licensed (or going to be) - I was not licensed for that.  Those certifications carry additional weight in the application.

What I am hoping  for is that the increased hours as Phleb (now just shy of 1000 hours) added to another 500 hours of HCE plus 1000 hours of student clincials with an additional license (not Phleb) may help improve my chances this year.


Best Advice I can give is to call the school and ask how they consider Phleb on the PCE list.   Some schools just want PCE, others recommend it, however no hour requirement.  A lot has to do with the school.  Some want GPA and the rest sorts the candidates, others want PCE and the GPA sorts it.

Good Luck

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