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  1. So, I became a certified phlebotomist but due to my VERY busy school schedule I can't find a job (both interviews I did have required 12 hour shifts which is impossible right now). My GPA is a 3.4 and science GPA of 3.5, I have over 100 volunteer hours taking vitals at a hospital. plus extracurricular activities, study abroad, volunteering, shadowing hours, etc. if I'm graduating in may would it be possible to work full time for a few months, apply and even have a chance?
  2. So my GPA is very average (probably will end up somewhere between 3.3-3.5), I have gotten 3 Cs from two calculus courses and one science. However, my GPA for prerequisites from my first choice school look pretty good: Biology/lab - A Anatomy/lab - A Physiology/lab - A Microbiology/lab - A Chem I and II - B, labs - A Organic Chem I and II - A, labs - A Biochemistry - A Statistics - B Medical Terminology - A So basically, I'm wondering if my GPA is concerning for PA schools due to those Cs and if this will be a problem when I'm applying? o
  3. So I've been researching programs to apply to next cycle 2019 and I was just wondering if anyone knows if some schools really do factor in PCE hours planned to gain before potential matriculation? I feel that my application is very well rounded and my stats are exactly at average except for PCE. This summer I'm becoming a certified phlebotomist, working part time next year and then full time during my gap year while applying to PA school (I do have a little experience but its not paid/volunteer/not certified). I'll most likely have 400-500 hours by time of application and then +2000 one year f
  4. Hi, I'm just really looking for advice on the possibility of applying to PA schools next spring 2019 during my senior year (meaning one gap year) GPA: 3.5, sGPA: 3.4, BS Biology Volunteering (100+ hours so far): veteran's hospital ER patient transporter, mentor at children's hospital for special needs student, taught English at an Italian elementary school for a semester Shadowing (15 hours): so far only rural PAs, (Have shadowing set up for this summer and will continue with the ones I've shadowed for the next 2 semesters so hoping to get around 70ish hours) Involvement: s
  5. Hi! I just wanted to get some thoughts and comments on my application. I know my patient care experience is pretty low but I've worked so hard as an undergraduate to be involved and maintain consistent grades, but I'm willing to take this gap year to work full time. Shadowing: 80+ hours Volunteering: 100+ hours (VA hospital ER transporter, mentor for a special needs student at a children's hospital, and I taught English at an Italian elementary school for a semester) Involvement: sorority, honors humanities study abroad intersession, study abroad semester, volunteer club, pre-de
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