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  1. I applied and the application acceptance stated that they will not update anything until all application are received (March 1). Interviews are April to June. Good Luck!
  2. On the Chem just check the schools you want. I ran into one or two schools that want consecutive classes at the same institution in sequential numbering.... I wanted to take Orgo II at a CC and the school would not accept the differences in the Chem courses (Orgo I was at a 4 year, Orgo II was at CC).
  3. The only constructive feedback I could give is the volunteer hours. All good from an outsiders view, diverse and constructive. However I have found that schools want volunteer hours in the health field (educating minors on sexual health might be considered). Schools are looking for mission trips, Peace Corp, volunteering at hospitals, etc that are medically related. In my case working with disadvantaged youths and the disabled in sports was appreciated, however did not add points to the scoring.
  4. Try your local community college. They usually offer 3 hour courses and can be onsite or virtual learning. Mine - I could work ahead up to 1 week ( did an 8 week short semester) completed while I was working 40+ hours a week.
  5. Any updates here? Radio silent since October....Anyone have an idea on seats status?
  6. I'm certified in Phleb and have enough hours to gain attention, however I was given feedback that its it 'low quality", in other words doing the same thing over and over. I talked to a lot of medical scribes and although they don't physically touch patients however get a lot of back ground information, technical terms and coordination with other health care individuals (doctors, nurses, etc). As it has been said, both are on the low end of the scale. I've been told to get back and get more direct patient care - where your actions are involved in care. Remember PA's started from corpsmen in the service. Its hard to get PCE if your path is non traditional. Wish I could give you a straight answer on the best way to proceed, however I can say what I've experienced. Good luck with whatever you choose and don't give up the hope or desire!
  7. All who got interviews - Congrats! River and Ls - when did you submit? I see Law submitted in June and hoping these are for those that submitted early. I submitted end of July. Verified Aug 2nd.
  8. Forum had been quiet for almost a month. Has anyone heard anything?
  9. All of you are ahead of me. Received this week - "Your application is now complete and will now enter the review process". Good Luck all! Please keep everyone informed. FYI - Submitted Late July.
  10. Received email today stating application package is complete. I submitted CASPA and was verified at the end of July. I did take Sarah's advice last week and contacted the school asking if everything was complete. Please keep us posted on status. Good luck everyone!
  11. Will this be their first class (for the Nashville site)? What's everyone's thoughts on attending a program still under development?
  12. Another suggestion: What about going back and getting a Masters in a science / medical related field and taking your pre reqs? I know a gal who's undergrad was not much above yours. She got a Masters in a science related field and her masters GPA was 3.7. Her school she applied to focused on that Masters, not the undergrad along with the Pre Reqs. She got into a good school she never thought she would. Take steps toward your dream and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Prove them wrong.
  13. Agree with Dreamy... I have talked to CASPA and since I submitted my applications (and verified), CASPA stated that they will NOT recalculate my GPA. I also had a summer class that only applied to a couple programs and they (the schools) only wanted an unofficial transcript to be sent to show I completed the requirement. So if you have submitted - verify with CASPA, however they will not recalculate. If you have not submitted - by all means update. Good Luck
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