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  1. Have you checked the school portals? Some programs that have supplement applications use that portal to communicate through.
  2. As RFO stated - you will have a verified application if it was already done once. However - If this is the 2nd school in the same cycle - CASPA will not verify any updates. They will Update the file, Example - when I added my degree after it application was verified and sent it to another school - CASPA sent a verified application to the school. However - it was not the latest and when the school goes into the system for the pdates they will see the information, however the 'added' information will not be verified. Just hope the schools will go the extra step to go back into CAPSA when they have 1200 other applications in front of them.
  3. Congrats to those who received interviews. Question - did you get a Application under Review, followed by an Application Complete, or just get the interview after the Under Review? Also anyone care to share stats so that others can get a feeling of what made the first cut?
  4. I don't see it as hurting any...Gets your name and application mentioned and for a valid reason. Good Luck
  5. Sent the school an email stating that CASPA has been updated with the following.....and advise them to go into CASPA to retrieve the latest file. That's all I can suggest.
  6. Not that I can tell. Most schools will wait until the entire package is ready to review. This includes, CAPSA, GRE scores, LOR's arrived, any supplemental applications and fees. Some schools even will let you know what they are still waiting for to complete your application. Good Luck.
  7. All, Just wanted to let you know from last years experience so you don't have the same issue. Background: Wanted to hit the Aug 1 deadlines, so submitted and was verified prior to deadline. Had transcripts and other items from summer that arrived at CASPA after application was verified. Two Items to note: 1 - Any grades after verification will not be updated into the GPA calculation (I can understand that). 2 - CASPA will update the file, however if you submit another application, CAPSA sends the original file to the school - Not the updated one. YOU will need to inform the school to go get the UPDATED file, otherwise they will still see your original file. I did not know this and may have missed out on schools looking at what I thought was an updated file only to find out later, that they were not seeing the updated version. If I would have known this, I may have either waited (missed the Aug deadline) or more than likely told the schools they had to go into the system to see the latest file (CASPA's advice). I found this out too late for last years cycle....Posting this so others may avoid this. Good Luck!
  8. From applying in the past, was told by Helen that applicants should try and ensure their application is submitted and verified by June 15th to improve their chances. Just wanted to put that out there. Submitted and verified 6/4. Good luck all!
  9. I applied and the application acceptance stated that they will not update anything until all application are received (March 1). Interviews are April to June. Good Luck!
  10. On the Chem just check the schools you want. I ran into one or two schools that want consecutive classes at the same institution in sequential numbering.... I wanted to take Orgo II at a CC and the school would not accept the differences in the Chem courses (Orgo I was at a 4 year, Orgo II was at CC).
  11. The only constructive feedback I could give is the volunteer hours. All good from an outsiders view, diverse and constructive. However I have found that schools want volunteer hours in the health field (educating minors on sexual health might be considered). Schools are looking for mission trips, Peace Corp, volunteering at hospitals, etc that are medically related. In my case working with disadvantaged youths and the disabled in sports was appreciated, however did not add points to the scoring.
  12. Try your local community college. They usually offer 3 hour courses and can be onsite or virtual learning. Mine - I could work ahead up to 1 week ( did an 8 week short semester) completed while I was working 40+ hours a week.
  13. Any updates here? Radio silent since October....Anyone have an idea on seats status?
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