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  1. You could also look into a few NP programs. I've heard some of them are pretty affordable
  2. Do you know of any affordable programs still accepting applications for this upcoming school year?
  3. Hi everyone, in the future I want to work in surgery or maybe anesthesia. Right now I am not the strongest applicant for PA school. I had planned working over the next year and retaking classes, then applying to PA school next application cycle. But, a few weeks ago I was accepted to an accelerated BSN program. I had never really planned on being an RN but if I did this program I could then go out and gain really valuable patient care hours. The only downside is that the program costs around $80,000 (living expenses included). What would be the better option for me? I could do this program and
  4. Thanks for the info! I'll have to check out that book
  5. If you're still looking for housing Bear, De is a really nice area. Christiana and Newark are nice but I would try to avoid Wilmington
  6. Hey guys, I am currently in the process of researching PA programs to apply to. I come from a northeastern city and would prefer to go to a school in a large metropolitan area. I see there are a lot of schools in places like Indiana and Ohio but to be honest I don't really know anything about those states. Which areas would you recommend I look into? I've already researched schools in the New York, California, and Florida areas. Where is your program located and do you like the area?
  7. Has anyone taken a course through UCSD or any other quarter based school and had an issue meeting the credit requirements for prereqs? I want to take a class there but their website says they only offer 3 quarter units. Has this been a problem for anyone applying to programs?
  8. How difficult would you say the course is? Would it be possible to take this and genetics at the same time?
  9. I took it last year. I think you can find the textbook for free online
  10. Did you end up taking this course? How was it?
  11. How difficult is the exam? Is it given through ProctorU? Does the professor offer any sort of study guide and does anyone have the syllabus?
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