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GI Offer-New Grad

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I've been waiting a long time to post one of these!

Outpatient GI M-F

- 16 patients/day

-No weekends/call/ OR responsibilities

-$102k 1st year

-$103k 2nd year + “Value measures” (up to 127,000 potential)

-$7500 sign on bonus

-$7500 relocation allowance

-CME $2500 + 5 days

-$600 for memberships/professional societies

-License, DEA, board recert reimbursements

-28 days PTO

-Malpractice full insurance + Tail

-Medical + Dental + Vision

-Short term/Long term disability

-Retirement options: I’m not quite an expert when it comes to the options, and will be looking into what is the best one. The paperwork I have doesn't indicate whether I need to choose one or if both apply. Do people usually have both a 401(a) Match and 401(a) Base, or just one? Essentially it states: 401(a) Match- increases over a 5 year schedule up to a maximum of 4%; begins after 6 months of service with 400 hours worked. 401(a) Base- Begins after 3 years of service with 1,000 hours worked during each of 3 anniversary years; 4%, 6%, 8% based on age. Thoughts?

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Solid new grad offer. Honestly most of the students I have been a preceptor for have been receiving pretty solid offers like this these days. Would have been unheard of back in my day to receive 100k + sign on bonus + relocation bonus, as a new grad, but seems to be a commonality around my neck of the woods these days. Congrats!

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Good offer for new grad, even if high COL. Congratulations!

And as always with these new grad offer posts, make sure this is a new grad-friendly practice that will help support you as you get on your feet: good SP/CP (have they worked with PAs, specifically new grads, before?), good environment, good support staff, etc. Also, review your contract verbiage in detail and have it reviewed by lawyer. 

Good luck!

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Congrats! Sounds like a solid offer! I just received an offer in GI as well, but not nearly as comprehensive! 

I did see one of your other posts-- was wondering if anyone had directed you towards any useful resources? I begin in 2 weeks and would like to sharpen up before I begin!

Best of luck to you and thanks for responding in advance! 

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