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  1. I'm sorry you had that experience Cleanlabelcheck. I can only say that from that my personal experience interviewing, attending and graduating from the Bryant University PA Program, is that the attitude you experienced is not representative of Bryant at all. Is the faculty and admin full of characters with BIG personalities? Absolutely. But they would never intentionally denigrate anyone and act with the utmost professionalism. I also applaud you for not resorting to other name calling and for being very level headed with your responses to the other posts. It can be hard to share an opinion/
  2. They have a rolling admissions. The sooner you can submit the better, but June/July is not too late either. -Bryant PA Alumn
  3. Per diem providers at my UC get somewhere around $70-80/hr when I was talking with them (can’t remember exact rate), which is higher than the salaried full time providers hourly wage. Also in the PNW haha
  4. If it’s the practice I’m thinking of near Providence, RI...it’s a good thing you declined
  5. I've been waiting a long time to post one of these! Outpatient GI M-F - 16 patients/day -No weekends/call/ OR responsibilities -$102k 1st year -$103k 2nd year + “Value measures” (up to 127,000 potential) -$7500 sign on bonus -$7500 relocation allowance -CME $2500 + 5 days -$600 for memberships/professional societies -License, DEA, board recert reimbursements -28 days PTO -Malpractice full insurance + Tail -Medical + Dental + Vision -Short term/Long term disability -Retirement options: I’m not
  6. CASPA is now open and the Bryant University Physician Assistant Program is accepting applications for the class of 2021! Many former and current students frequent this forum and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the program. Follow 'Bryant University PA Program' on Facebook for a peak at upcoming events, fundraisers, community involvement, and the current didactic and clinical class experiences.
  7. I am excited to have an upcoming interview with an outpatient gastroenterology group. If any current or past GI PAs can sound off on their outpatient experiences, what their day to day routine was like (i.e. most common complaints seen, good resources), or any questions you think would be useful to ask, I'd be extremely interested to hear from you. I already have an idea of the package they offer, and it's not bad compared to others I have seen on this thread. Daily patient load when I asked was ~16 per day. Thanks!
  8. You're not alone. I wish I could offer help, I am a soon to be new grad that's hoping to relocate back to WA. I am just starting to put applications out there, and would also be interested if anyone has advice if this is something I run into as well.
  9. Hi there, Class of 2018 here. Many people from my class were accepted off the waitlist, including those who interviewed after the class was full. One was even called the first day of class, as someone that morning called to drop out and attend another program. So remain hopeful! Things always shift as people may decide to go other programs before the start of class.
  10. Thanks for the input! A residency is definitely something I've strongly considered (and will probably end up applying to), since I definitely don't want to get stuck in an urgent care.
  11. Has anyone heard of any hospital programs/teaching hospitals in the Washington/Oregon area that hire and train new grads in emergency medicine? I am not referring to the PAEA official residencies. I'm currently on the east coast where I have come in to contact with a couple of hospital systems that do this for specifically new PAs/NPs, however I would ultimately like to move back to WA after school. Thanks!
  12. Any link or articles that discuss this at all? I'd be interested in seeing what they're attempting to do.
  13. Good luck on your rotation! I too am starting my first rotation soon, also in internal medicine! I was trying to think of bread and butter topics to review like hypertension and diabetes. Does anyone have any other items they would recommend?
  14. Has anyone from the Dec 5th interview heard anything?
  15. Thanks for the response and feedback! Sounds like you had a great experience in your GI rotation. To answer some of your questions, my program has an outpatient IM, inpatient IM as well as surgery rotations. Unfortunately there's no way to know the order of these, and some people actually have their elective as their first rotation. This, as you know, just has to do with clinic sites and their availability.
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