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  1. Hi there, Thank you kindly for taking the time to respond! I appreciate the book recommendation & link! Will definitely have to check out. For others reading- the clinicians I work with recommended Primo Gastro as well. It's fairly straightforward. Thanks!
  2. Congrats! Sounds like a solid offer! I just received an offer in GI as well, but not nearly as comprehensive! I did see one of your other posts-- was wondering if anyone had directed you towards any useful resources? I begin in 2 weeks and would like to sharpen up before I begin! Best of luck to you and thanks for responding in advance!
  3. Curious if anyone had recommendations for useful gastroenterology books, as I will begin working in an inpatient & outpatient setting in 2 weeks. I would like to study the "basics" so the practice doesn't instantly regret hiring me ;) Any recommendations (or even advice) is greatly appreciated! Thanks! (P.S. -- yes, I did see that the same question was posted in 2011. Though, would like to see if people have different ideas 7 years later!)
  4. I would absolutely recommend it! I used it throughout my clinical year at a slow and steady pace to prepare for PANCE. I also liked having the hippo q bank at my fingertips. Let me know if you have any further questions :)
  5. Hi there! Recently graduated & took PANCE. Used both Rosh Review and Hippo Edu. throughout clinical year. Selling both! ROSH: Expires March 19, 2018. HIPPO: Expires February 11, 2019. Feel free to send me a message if interested! Best of luck.
  6. Hi there! I am a recent graduate and used Hippo Edu. online videos/question bank throughout my rotations. I found it to be extremely helpful and definitely prepared me for the PANCE. The subscription expires February 11, 2019. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing. All the best on rotations and send me a message if you are interested!
  7. Hi there! Selling Rosh Review subscription for $50. Expires March 19, 2018. Selling Hippo Edu. for $250. Expires February 11, 2019. Feel free to send me a message if interested!
  8. ROSH REVIEW: Expires on March 19, 2018. ($50)-- SOLD HIPPO: Expires February 11, 2019. ($250)-- SOLD Please send me a message if you are interested! All the Best.
  9. What about ROSH review? I currently have a cumulative score of ~65% with a month left to study before taking PANCE. Just curious how others were scoring in comparison to passing PANCE. Thanks!
  10. Hi there! I'm looking to purchase a Rosh Review login. Will need subscription to be for a couple of months--taking PANCE Feb. 1. Thank you!
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