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  1. PACJD

    how many shifts in a row is too much?

    Well in terms of patient safety, you are a student so there isn't much in the way of that. However in the matter of student expectations, that is way too much and you should bring it up to your clinical directors. Does each doc know that you are working that amount of time? Cause I bet they think you are on the same schedule as them, 7 on 7 off. Now thinking back to when I was in rotations, my general surgery rotation was from 4am to 7pm 6 days a week, with an hour commute each day. And we had rotating call among the students, so i ended up working the day we were supposed to be off. Ended up working 21 straight 15 hour shifts. Those were the days... If they don't do anything about it, i guess just try and suck it up. Just know that once you get out into practice, your schedule is nothing like that. I work in surgery now and i work 3 12s a week and they do not allow you to work 5 straight shifts between weeks.
  2. PACJD

    Five Star Urgent Care

    Did you accept?
  3. PACJD

    2nd Interview, ED, what attire?

    I would still keep it clean. Maybe not a brooks brothers suit but at least a Calvin suit.
  4. There are plenty of part time urgent care positions out there but i agree with the post above, they aren’t advertised as much so you kinda just have to ask around rather than look online. I’m in NY and there are several places that want to hire PAs only as part time or per diem.
  5. PACJD

    New grad 1st offer

    Any retirement?
  6. PACJD

    Paying preceptors

    I have been a preceptor for 10 years for multiple schools, hospitals, and specialities and I have never gotten paid. Most of my colleagues that are preceptors do not get paid. I have a few deals with schools where I would be a preceptor for their students and they would have me come in to give lectures/teach procedures, and in turn they would pay me 75-150/hr for the lecture, but nothing specifically for preceptor. Yes we do get CME but other than that it's pretty much teaching for the continued success of the profession.
  7. PACJD

    New Grad IR Offer

    So you're working 50 hr/week plus a few Saturdays a month plus being irradiated daily (as stated above) all for 97k... That is 40/hr max, not including your saturday shifts... I would want 120k with all that tbh...
  8. PACJD

    Duties on Rotations

    Yes agree with above. Please speak up. Of course be respectful to the nursing staff, but they shouldn't be ordering you around doing things that they don't wanna do. It is good to get experience with those kinds of things, but you shouldn't be spending more than half your day doing the MA's or RN's job that they get paid to do... just my two cents
  9. Not even close. We make roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of what MDs make. Experienced PAs, in my opinion, will be making more like 60-75% in the upcoming years. Still cost effective to hire. There was a recent article by Forbes saying that the average salary across all specialities is 107k. I believe in 5 years that will be 130-140k.
  10. Difference between pharmacy/optometry and PA/NPs is that there are more working opportunities for PA/NPs. It doesn't take as many pharmacists to run a hospital as it does clinicians. I do think that the future for PAs is going to have similar course as how it was for lawyers. I feel that we are gaining steady popularity but there will be a salary spike soon, which would cause the number of people going into PA to double and even triple over the span of 5 years, which will cause the profession to eventually level off. I don't see this happening for another 10-15 years though.
  11. Just wanted to see how you guys felt about scheduling. Do you guys prefer working 5 8-hour shifts, 4 10-hour shifts, or 3 12-hour shifts? I could see why people would prefer 3 12-hour shifts, being able to have 4 days off at your leisure, but do you feel the shift is drawn out and mentally draining by the end of it? I could also see why some would prefer 5 8-hour shifts, as the shift would feel quicker and you still have time to do things with your day before/after the shift, in contrast to the 3 12's where work is the only thing you do when you are scheduled. My commute to work would be around 45 min to 1 hour and 15 min, so going back and forth from work and home would be a process as it is, so I guess 3 shifts/week would be more logical? How do you guys feel? For those that work 5 8's, do you still have time to do things before/after the shift? For those that do 3 12's, are you grateful that you have 4 days off per week?
  12. PACJD

    Outpatient Varicose Vein Vascular Surgery Job

    What were you offered if you don't mind me asking? A buddy of mine recently started a job similar to this. His set up was pretty nice, pretty independent, and the salary was great. Says that its hard to find a job focused on that work.
  13. Agree with above. Solid offer but i would try to either: lessen the length of the contract to 2 years OR try and get a raise annually for the 3 years OR negotiate up to at least 100K for the 3 years.
  14. PACJD

    PA Respect

    honest mistake, didn't even realize i was going that fast.
  15. Wow... everything about this seems sketchy Initially offering $45... office manager not sure about tail malpractice... find your own coverage health insurance... only a 2 week training... office manager stating no employee has ever left contract early... 4-8 patients per day... "an MA for back and front duties"... letting you be sole provider despite being a new grad... not being able to send you the contract... them rushing you on the decision... In all honesty this to me sounds like an office manager who is scheming...

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