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  1. Work a per diem job. Im getting paid 150/hr per diem rate on the side. Pick up an extra few shifts a month and you have an extra 3-4K in your pocket to pay off loans.
  2. LOL no no no... I have students who just graduated this past year, accepting jobs in NY for 110K/year plus OT rate of 100+/hr. My buddy recently accepted a job at 150K/year with 3 years experiencing in NY. Some of these hospitals need to get with the times.
  3. One of my former students who just graduated would like some opinions on a position she was just offered: General Surgery Floor position (no OR) 12x 12-hour shifts per month, rotating days and nights (7a-7p or 7p-7a) 110k base salary Overtime shifts (shifts worked above the required 12/month) will be paid as followed: 100/hr for days, 120/hr for nights, 140/hr for weekends (day/night) 15 days PTO +8 holidays 401K with employer 5% contribution after 1 year CME 2 days + $1250 Licenses, credentialing, certifications NOT paid for by employer
  4. new grad salaries seem to be right around the 100k mark for new grads in most specialities.
  5. Idk if this is what you have now, but the 3x12 schedule seems to be treating me well. Scheduling is pretty flexible at my place, I can spread the shifts out and have days off in between to go out during the week, or work consecutive days and have large chunks of days off to go on vacation, short road trips/day trips. My place requires us to work 2-3 weekend shifts so i do have some weekends off.
  6. Exactly... As you can clearly see, there are very good offers out there as well as many crappy ones... If you aren't happy where you are, do something about it...
  7. LOL... 75k PA jobs should NOT exist in 2018 anymore... The reason why they do is cause places like these lure in naive new grads who think 75k is great cause they are making more than all of their friends not in the medical field.
  8. Agree with above. As a new grad you are going to need some extra training/mentoring and not going to be bringing in as much revenue for the practice, so a lighter salary is understandable for the first few years. I would say in around 5 years experience in derm, you should be at or around 160k after bonuses/collections. I am not in derm so idk much about bonus structures, but definitely try and get some info on earning potential from the other PA.
  9. HCE and shadowing look good in my opinion. I would say focus on getting that GPA and GRE up.
  10. Hmm... seems like you have a lot going on over here. What I can tell you is this... Do you really want to become a PA? Is healthcare something that you actually enjoy? Do you like dealing with patients and learning about medical problems? To what extent of HCE do you have? How much shadowing have you done? You need to analyze if this field is something you want to actually get into, because it is not for everyone. And if you do not enjoy the healthcare field, I also would not recommend going for your RN or RT as well, because both careers also involve extensive training as well. You
  11. If you are willing to travel an hour to manhattan you will have plentiful opportunities. I am a preceptor and many of my students who are new grads have been telling me about their job hunt and many of them have multiple offers in the city.
  12. Red flags all over this. Is all of this your wording or is it the wording of the employer? -Bonus "at discretion of CEO" --> so I am guessing you won't get a bonus -Malpractice insurance coverage "consistent with reasonable surgical physician assistant coverage." --> what is reasonable coverage in their minds? -Scheduled to work "up to 5 days a week" -Scheduled to work 5 days "plus more days as agreed by PA and physician as needed" --> so you could be working 5-7 days a wk? hmmm.... -Hours "may or may not extend past 10 hours per day" --> so you could wo
  13. I agree with above, long shifts and flexible scheduling definitely a major perk in my opinion. I love the fact that I only have to work 3 days a week, leaving me with 4 days to do as i please. In most instances, i can front load 3 days and backload 3 days to have 8 consecutive days off in between to take a vacation where ever i went. Don't even have to touch my PTO. I can say its not for everyone though. Working 12.5 hour shifts can get rough and tiring at times, but if you can do it and your job offers it, i say go for it. I would never be able to go back to the monotony of a 9-5 5 day/w
  14. solid offer. The counter seems reasonable. Even if they reject the initial offer isn't bad for the midwest.
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