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I stayed pretty active in school and during breaks in long study sessions I would re energize myself from staring at a computer or book by going for a short run or doing some pull ups or pushups. Or I'd allow myself time to look at camper vans, dream destinations etc online to keep me motivated. Throwing a ball for my roommate/classmates dog was fun too and she was always stoked to play after the humans had been sitting around studying all day.

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Hi ! I would take breaks often between studying, small breaks would be made up about 15 min -- these breaks i would walk around get some air, check my phone, call my husband etc

Long breaks i would go to the gym or nap depending on where i was at mentally. 

BUT you will need breaks and I felt very strong about them so i always scheduled them ! 

Listen to your body , you will know if you need a nap, or to step away from the books a bit.

Quality of studying over quantity of studying. 

Any questions message me or follow my blog 


Melissa Gutierrez MPAS , PA-C . 

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