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  1. Hey, I'm just rolling through to see if I can help expand your studying database. Check out this post of various resources you can utilize to help you ACE the EOR exams, and eventually the PANCE!!! I hope this helps... The final link is to my personal study guides, yes I know I do the most! https://randomjournalposts.blogspot.com/2020/02/how-to-study-in-pa-school.html
  2. Hi everyone! I just took and passed the PANCE using Kaplan to study. I found it super helpful and I'm hoping some of you do too! The subscription lasts till June 11, 2020. You will have access to full question bank (reset for you), and videos. Accepting best offer. Message with offer or any questions
  3. Hey, I'm just rolling through to see if I can help expand your studying database. Check out this post of various resources you can utilize to help you ACE the EOR exams, and eventually the PANCE!!! I hope this helps... The final link is to my personal study guides, yes I know I do the most! https://randomjournalposts.blogspot.com/2020/02/how-to-study-in-pa-school.html
  4. Our program is starting rotations soon and we are using standardized end of rotation exams though the PAEA. What are the best books to use to prepare for these exams or any end of rotation exam? Thanks in advance!
  5. Physician Assistant FAQ! Some insight for pre-PAs! On career, lifestyle, school, studying, and more. Hope you like!
  6. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone on here has used Picmonic. If so, what did you think? Is it worth the cost? I'm just wondering cuz there's a sale on and I'm considering the purchase... TIA
  7. Current or previous students, what kinds of activities or other things did you do between studying. I know there will be endless material to study, but breaks will be essential to stay sane. Any tips or suggestions for splitting up long study sessions? What worked best for you?
  8. For sale I have a like new copy of The Final Step from Physician Assistant Exam Review. This book is written by Brian Wallace (creator of the Physician Assistant Exam Review Podcast) and includes over 1,200 short review questions. In addition to the paperback text, I also will supply the PDF version of the book as well as the audiobook (which is excellent for quizzing yourself during car rides). I just recently passed my PANCE and The Final Step was a big part of my study regimen. It really helps with buzzowords and key terms that I felt not only helped me do well, but also helped me to an
  9. I work full time M-F in orthopedic surgery. However, there are no weekends/nights/holidays/call. What kind of side jobs do you guys have? I know per diem in urgent care is a good option, but I've only ever done ortho since graduating 1.5 years ago and I think it would be hard finding a place to train for occasional work. Any options for working from home? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I am a little over 4 months from graduating and looking for PANCE study resources. I hate buying new when there's perfectly good used materials out there and hopefully save a couple $$. Namely, I am looking for Davis's PA Exam Review, Lange Q&A Physician Assistant Examination, 7th Ed., and PANCE Prep Pearls, however never taken the exam, I am open to try any other study material that helped you pass! Thanks so much. Joe
  11. 9 month Pathoma subscription available through 11/20/2017!! Pathoma helped me get through my didactic year of PA school and I've continued to refer to it throughout my clinical year for a quick review and reference on the pathology behind many disorders. I have 9 months left of an original 21-month subscription for sale for $60. I'll also include a PDF of the Fundamentals of Pathology textbook, valued at $54.99 on Amazon. Normal Pathoma subscription: regular 3 month price is $84.95, regular 21 month subscription is $119.95 Payment can be made via PayPal or Venmo. PM f
  12. Selling my CME4Life 16-DVD review series. Topics are separated by disc and include the following: 1. Pharmacology 2. Pulmonary 3. GI/Nutritional 4. Neurology 5. Cardiology 6. EKG Interpretation 7. EENT(Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat) 8. Endocrine 9. Reproductive 10. Infectious Disease 11. Dermatologic 12. Musculoskeletal 13. Psych 14. Radiology 15. Hematologic 16. Bugs and Drugs This series was definitely helpful for studying when you just didn't feel like reading anymore or needed better ways to remember certain topics. Was able to pass my boards by using these, along with
  13. 2nd-year student here only 7-months til graduation. I am starting to study for the PANCE and would like to pass the first time. Any recommendations for study materials? What do you all think about using the SMARTY PANCE (http://smartypance.com/) website for preparation? Are there any recommended online courses or material you would recommend? Thank you in advance for any advice. Respectfully, A very worried PAS-2
  14. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Chapman University's PA program (other than what is posted on their website)? Thought I could start a thread because I haven't seen any so far. It looks like the program will be matriculating their first class in January 2015. Some interesting features to point out are that they don't seem to have any required HCE hours, but require 50 hours of documented PA shadowing. They also require a Medical Ethics class as a prereq which I feel is unusual. Since they also have a bridge program that accepts undergrads directly from Chapman, I can't he
  15. Hi Everyone! I'm a few months away from my PANCE and have heard great (and not so great) things about both Hippo and CME4Life. I would love any feedback from anybody who has experience (or a coupon code ;) ) with either.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm interested in getting access to the Kaplan Qbank until the end of September and wondered if anyone wants to sell their access codes. I'm currently using Lange, Davis's, and Exam Master, and have played around with the Rosh Review questions but have heard Kaplan questions are a good challenge. Please PM me if you're willing to sell. I'd also be interested in getting access to Rosh Review for a good price. Thanks! Amanda
  17. I have John Bielinski's CME4Life PA-Prep Focus for sale. I just took the PANRE and did well. I think I paid $175 at a conference for the book with the 16 CDs. Looking for $95, according to my wife the book is in "excellent used condition with a small bend in the cover". I did not write in the book. Let me know if interested. Thought I'd post here prior to listing on Ebay or Amazon.
  18. BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! You’ve hit the snooze button twice already and class starts in 30 minutes. Deep down you find the strength to roll out of bed and just make it to the coffee machine. The floor is cold on your feet and you want nothing more than to be back in the mountain of blankets and pillows you just crept out of. After rubbing the sleep from your eyes and drinking that first sip of warm hazelnut coffee you open the daily planner on your desk and observe your agenda for the day. You’ll be on campus for class from 8-3:30 in the afternoon. After class you have work from 4-11pm.
  19. Hey there, I am a second year PA student and I have a blog PAjourney.com where I post advice for students looking to get into the profession. Recently I wrote a post that I hope will help new PA students survive didactic year. I thought it would also be great if other experienced PA students gave advice in the comments section on what helped them survive. Because lets face it, the one year of didactic learning we do is probably harder than any academic year in any other major/degree/profession in existence. Med students have a long road ahead of them, but no single year of their educa
  20. Hi, I graduated several months ago and have been doing a very detailed review of everything in the blueprint. Now, it's crunch time. I am signed up for a board review in early May and set to take my PANCE in late May. Any suggestions on which book or question banks I should focus on for these last few weeks? If you had to pick one thing to study from for the three weeks before your PANCE what would you choose? Thanks!
  21. I thought all of the newly accepted students might appreciate this post from my blog. It is a list of all of the software/websites/apps that my class has used and found useful when studying for tests in PA school. Hope it helps! http://pajourney.com/2016/02/20/technology-that-helps-me-survive-pa-school/
  22. Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone who provides private tutoring for the PANCE. Not really looking for a review course company, though recommendations are always welcome. I live in NYC and would really appreciate you letting me know if you know of a good tutor for this specific exam. Also open to review/study groups in the area. Thanks so much!! Nicole
  23. I wanted to share my latest blog post on here. It is about the challenges of starting PA school and what to expect in your first two months. Hope that some of you find it useful: http://pajourney.com/2015/07/16/head-above-water/
  24. If you are in PA School, on rotations, or studying for the PANCE/PANRE and would like help studying or if you need helpful study material please contact me!
  25. I am looking for a PANCE study partner or group in the Houston area. Please PM me if interested. Thank you, Justin
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