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  1. Here in Colorado there are many MJ users as well. I would agree with Rev Ronin on his statements in regards to MJ. There is a difference between MJ use and MJ abuse. There is a difference between ETOH use and ETOH abuse (would argue that our society is much more permissive of ETOH than it should be despite the fact that it does not have a therapeutic use). We don't differentiate between Meth Use and Meth abuse because meth is meth and has no therapeutic benefit and is clearly harmful (same goes for most other drugs of this category). There is a difference between Opiate Use and Opiate abuse.
  2. I was 100% on the pay off my loans ASAP train my whole life and the year after I finished PA school. I realized what I would be not taking advantage of in the meantime during the at least 5 years of aggressive payoff (very expensive program-great program-I didnt get into any other cheaper programs-lived rice/beans/cheap lifestyle while in PA school) was significant. Now I have a healthy retirement fund (still catching up after not contributing during my 20s, but its growing), own 3 rental properties (w/ sub 3% interest rates) that make me a couple thousand each month, work 70/30 FP/ER with on
  3. I know of a PA in Georgia that works FT in critical care, holds a faculty position teaching part time, and moonlights (I think ER?) and was making close to 300k about 4 years ago. Guy seemed like he was running on the HIGHEST of octane fuels anytime you saw him. Incredibly smart, could run circles his first year out of school around most of the interns but was the nicest, humble person you've met. Myself...I make 85k a year working 30-36hours a week, split between family practice and emergency medicine. I love my work-life balance at this time in my life. I've found the pay cut to be wort
  4. I would recommend making a list of your expenses from highest expense to lowest. Start working your way down the list and figure out how much you can cut back. Rent-Can you move somewhere cheaper? Get a Roomate month to month? mortgage-Can you get a deferment of payments with your bank? Rent out a room? Be willing to be uncomfortable in the short term. groceries-coupons, generic brands, keep your meals simple. Beans, rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables are cheap. bars/restaurants-stop going out.$0. Or set a budget of $20/month to allow for a coffee or single beer with fri
  5. Administering the vaccine to our older patients and community members has been rewarding in similar ways out here in rural Colorado. Way to go!! Hehe.... good cookies
  6. I was hoping you would comment EMEDPA. Yes, $60/hr is low but in Colorado provider pay is quite suppressed by the desirable location and they weren't willing to negotiate given my lack of specific EM experience. I don't think I've maxed out my knowledge and learning in FP. I'm not sure I ever could. But I think an ideal mix would be EM and FP in some sort of blend for me. I do like the ER environment-those 6 hour shifts go fast. I really appreciate your input and thanks for taking the time to read my post!
  7. Summary: Due to burn out/desire to do more of what I love during my 30s, I'm trying to decide between: 1. Moving from FT FP (16, 9-10 hour days a month) to FT EM (Minimum of 18, 6-hour shifts a month) 2. Splitting my time a. 30hrs FP + 1 day EM =3.5 day work week b. 20hrs FP + 1-2 day EM = 2.5-3.5 day work week *but lose insurance coverage c. Quit FP entirely + remain flexible PT EM and pickup as many or few shifts as I want each month -------------- Few things to know: I'm in a long term relationship w/ someone who makes 30-50k/year
  8. Thanks to everyone for their advice and general support! I do have a tendency to overprepare for things in my life in general. Usually when the time comes to perform, I'm grateful for the over preparedness (It still gives me anxiety during the preparatory phase though!) I'll take a look into those resources and courses.
  9. I finally got my foot in the door into Emergency Medicine after 3 years! And back at the ER where I was a tech for years. I am incorporating a per diem ER gig into my schedule with me current full time (4 days/wk) FP job of 3 years. I'm looking for any advice on prepping for the transition to emergency medicine (reference books, FOAM/podcasts, "boot camps", etc.) so I can focus my studies over the next 2-3 months during the credentialing process. A little background on me.... In my 20s's I worked EMS as an AEMT for 6 years (911 and transport in the Denver Metro area & ER te
  10. Does anyone have any insight into USACS in particular? I am entertaining a job offer from them and would like anyone experience if they're willing to share. Colorado region.
  11. You're probably fine since you have that secondary CP on record, but double check with your WA state medical board regarding your specific questions.
  12. I work at an FQHC clinic who has a notoriously hard time retaining providers (mission is great but pay is LOW) so I think they will refrain from provider lay offs as long as possible, but cutting back of hours or furlough starting with PAs and NPs is within reason. I'm working hard to keep up my patient volume as much as I can. I walked into clinic this morning to find out that 50% of the staff were furloughed, including our entire dental department and dentist herself. On a separate note, did anyone see that Boris Johnson (COVID19 Positive) was moved to the ICU today due to deterioratin
  13. You may get a lot of comments on this site from people advising "$50-55/hr, even 60-65/hr, is crap pay" and while I dont disagree that we should be compensated better for our work, the reality is that in certain markets that 50-55/hr rate is a decent wage. Especially considering the other details of that Inpatient offer. It sounds like a GREAT environment, with ample time off, the opportunity for mentoring, and only working 3 shifts per week. I'd accept that in a heartbeart. You could always pick up Urgent care as a PRN gig and work a 4th day of the week for extra cash but I bet you'll be look
  14. While I agree that the pay disparity is a huge issue....I take a greater issue with the current laws that govern our practice. We are far behind NPs and THAT is affecting me personally and others that I’ve spoken with locally, even more than the pay. I’ve been told numerous times that a company is not hiring for PAs, only NPs and when I ask why.... the answer is always the same “Because NPs can practice independently” (which makes my blood boil and I’m done wasting my time trying to explain OTP to employers and why a PA can fulfill that position just as well if not better than an NP. They don’
  15. They state they bill insurance..... which leads me to.... ... I supposed they can bill insurance all they want but eventually the pt will be stuck with an out of network bill eventually and that will shut down a company eventually. Good example with PediaQ...I'll look into their story. Regarding pay, I live in an area of low pay. If you break down my salary rate to an hourly rate, I'm paid FAR less than 55/hr. Yes, thats atrocious. This is why I've been looking for another job for over a year. Unfortunately the market here is also highly competitive. So when a good job come
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