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  1. Often people tell me I'm so lucky to have finished PA school at such a young age. And Lucky I am, but at the same time It's not about luck It's about how hard you work for something and how bad you want something. Ever since I got into college I knew I wanted to study medicine , At that point I didn't know about the PA profession but once i found out my second semester it became everything I worked for. I sacrificed the college life and took 18 hours a semester while being a college cheerleader, volunteering , job shadowing, Oh and trying to become a US resident.
  2. So I've received several requests asking me how to handle rotations in which your preceptor or staff may not like you or give you a difficult time. My biggest advise to this is be yourself and remember : " It's not about you , its about the patient " It does get hard , but you are there to become a better provider . It's a challenge but try and learn the most you can from that rotation. Even learning how you DON'T want to be as a provider, how you would want to change things if you were ever a preceptor yourself. I have faced uncomfortable situations in r
  3. I found it extremely helpful however it was more helpful as I was preparing for PANCE but i will def recommend.
  4. Hi ! I would take breaks often between studying, small breaks would be made up about 15 min -- these breaks i would walk around get some air, check my phone, call my husband etc Long breaks i would go to the gym or nap depending on where i was at mentally. BUT you will need breaks and I felt very strong about them so i always scheduled them ! Listen to your body , you will know if you need a nap, or to step away from the books a bit. Quality of studying over quantity of studying. Any questions message me or follow my blog melissa-gutierrez.simplesite.com
  5. How to study during clinical year Hey everyone ! I have a lot of people reaching out to me on clinical rotations and how to study during this year. Every program is different , in my program as well as a lot of programs are known to have End of Rotations exam that are written by PAEA. Meaning we had state regulated exams for Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Ob/Gyn, psychiatry, Pediatrics . The PAEA offers End of rotation exam blue prin
  6. Hey everyone ! Melissa Gutierrez MPAS, PA-C , graduated December 2017. thought I would share my experience of failing during PA school Today I will write about my hardships during PA school , specifically failing. YES I did fail while in PA school, I'm human and I struggled. I failed the medicine part of the neurological module-- it was the last module of the fall semester , and I was tired. Neurology throughout PA school was something i struggled with , it wasn't my strenght. During them module I would get easily confused and overwhelmed with the information. It was app
  7. I got diagnosed with hashimoto's hypothyroidism Hello all , I recently shared on my social media about my recent diagnosis with hypothyroidism. I have received a great outpouring on people with similar symptoms or people diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism that don't quite understand these disorders so i decided to write about them. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism affects your thyroid gland howeve
  8. How to prevent burn out ? Hey everyone ! hope your week is going great. This is a popular topic in any student -- the burn out. Sometimes we over do it and we exhaust ourselves. My biggest advise here is listen to your body-- your body knows when its tired, when it needs sleep, rest, food , a break. It took me a while to figure this out -- I thought I was superwoman and I could handle sleeping 2-3 hours , being in class all day, workout, study, and try to make time for my love
  9. Hi first of all CONGRATULATIONS, this is a huge accomplishment . I'm Melissa Gutierrez Perez MPAS-PA-C. Just became a licensed PA this last month , and finished PA school December 2017. It is so normal to be nervous. I actually have a blog and talked today about preparing for the first year of PA school today. First and foremost the 1st semester is the hardest because you are going to be trying to figure out what works best for you. My first tip is get a planner and stay organized . Divide your time in between classes wisely, figure out what books you like to use
  10. Hi ! Melissa Gutierrez -Perez MPAS, PA-C. Personal opinion is to forget about it, you have a good GPA , and good HCE hours. Now be prepared for them to ask why you got that C. I myself had once C in chemistry before I applied , I was in the same boat but didn't want to prolong my application. So i decided to keep it. My C was in the first semester of undergrad, and in all honesty i was taking 3 sciences , 3 labs and working 2 jobs to put me through school , therefore I struggled .I barely was getting used to the college work load and trying to figure my study habits out, after tha
  11. thank you ! Yes I sent everything that was required for pre licensing in december only thing pending was me passing boards which I did beginning of february so I'm just waiting now ! Hopefully I hear back soon.
  12. Hi all ! Melissa Gutierrez MPAS , PA-C here with some other tips for didactic year Happy Monday ! Another start to a wonderful week. Today I will talk about the hardest part of the 1st year of PA school. There is several difficult challenges for the 1st year here I will list what I had a hard time with. #1 - WORK LOAD . PA school WILL BE THE HARDEST THING YOU EVER HAVE TO DO , I can assure you that. The work load is intense , you are expected to learn so much material in so little time. One of the hardest parts of PA school will be preparing for these exams ; quick tip : a lot
  13. Hi all , I'm Melissa Gutierrez MPAS , PA-C. Passed my boards February 8th, moved into licensing february 20th. Now waiting on my temporary license and licensing anyone know how long it takes for these to typically go out, im desperate to start working.
  14. Thank you & keep working hard and you will be in my shoes very soon ! I loved the university i attended and i do believe i was well trained, for boards and for practicing. The curriculum is module based something that I really liked , seeing all of cardiology from pathophysiology, anatomy, pharmacology, clinical medicine, patient education vs seeing different organ systems in each class worked for me. They do a lot on preparing you for boards, such as the multitude of exams that are directly taken from the NCCPA blue print,end of rotation exams by PAEA in your clinical year
  15. If you haven't heard from any of the above i would recommend calling or e-mailing to ask where you application process is at by this time they should have made a decision on one of those 3.
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