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Apply with prerequisites in progress? Or wait?

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Hello all - I am nearing the end of my required prerequisites for a lot of schools, but some of the schools I am interested in, whom allow for prerequisites to still be in progress, have a couple of prerequisites that I won’t have finished early in the cycle. 

My question: Do you all think, with rolling admissions, I will be at a disadvantage submitting my application with the prereq’s in progress? 

I am ultimately wondering if I should submit application in May with incomplete prereq’s or wait until August once prereq’s are complete, to submit? 

Thank you all in advance!


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Guest blee100

The website you are applying to will say if they will allow pending prereqs and the amount they allow. The most I've seent hey allow is two prereqs and it has to be done by a specific deadline. For example, Yale is 1 prereq and it has to be a grade of a B or A. It has to be done by Dec 31. 

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