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  1. CDC now recommending 500mg ceftriaxone IM for pt <300 lbs and 1g if >300lbs. Doxy instead of 1g azithro if chlamydia is not ruled out. Thoughts? https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/pdfs/mm6950a6-H.pdf
  2. One of my classmates was in his mid 30’s and was a lawyer for 10+ years prior. You can always make a career change, just have to put in the work like said above.
  3. I got married 2 weeks after taking the PANCE. My wife did the majority of the wedding planning and we had a wedding planner which was well worth the money. Did not feel very stressed. Still was involved in making decisions and meeting with vendors, but my wife knew that school was number one importance and was fine with that. I had a classmate get married over Christmas break with a small wedding so it’s doable. Just don’t forget about right after graduation you have the pance to worry about and should be your number 1 priority. Worked out well for me to study for 2 weeks then take it. Found o
  4. I have to get DOT certified (kill me now). How is the written test? Heard it is kind of difficult...
  5. Taking the PANCE next month. Wondering what other, if any, practice tests you have done? Will for sure be doing the NCCPA one, but hard to find a lot of others.
  6. I did not take ochem lab. Like you said, depends on the program and if they require the lab. Check each individual school’s requirements on their website. If it’s not clear, give the admissions office a call and double check.
  7. Next clinical rotation was cancelled. Next one doesn't start until May 11. Thoughts on getting a part-time job during this time? I would quarantine myself for 2 weeks prior to the next rotation (if there is one), which is something our program already wants us to do. Just getting really bored and would like to make some money and fill my time. Our program is doing some online curriculum stuff and still have EOR exam for the rotation that we are currently missing.
  8. PA student currently doing rotations and have ran into this situation a couple of times. You walk into the room to see your next patient and you recognize them (could be your neighbor, someone that works out at your gym, a cashier at a store you frequent, etc) and they have a touchy complaint (Gyn, psych, etc) .... how do you handle these types of situations to make it not awkward? You both recognize each other and the patient is embarrassed. As always, you are professional and HIPAA compliant, but how do you ensure to your patient this is the case? Do you have a canned statement? Don
  9. Everyone is different in when you hear back. If your file score reaches their cutoff, your application will be reviewed and if they want to interview you, you will hear back in 3ish weeks I think. If your file score is not above the mark, you will have to wait until ISU keeps lowering the score to get your application reviewed. After you interview, you will get a “combined file score” which includes scoring of your interview plus your original file score. If you make it above their cutoff score, you will be offered a seat. There are 36 seats in Meridian, 24 in Pocatello, and 12 in Caldwel
  10. Tough situation as I see an MA being the better all around experience. But with you being an EMT as well and continuing that, I think the dialysis position would be just fine. The kidneys are one of my favorite organs and one of the most complex, so getting a leg up would be great for you.
  11. I only used the 5lb book and free online tests through ets and other websites and got a 309. I got the flash cards from manhattan prep and that was worthless.
  12. I am a first year student currently, going into my second year clinical rotations. Feel free to ask me any questions here or through DM. Here to help!
  13. I think your stats are fine to apply but I agree that you should have a stronger 3rd LOR, like your boss. Keep racking up those hours!
  14. Do as many practice tests as you can and make sure you time yourself.
  15. I’ll be graduating early next August and taking the PANCE by the end of August. Hypothetically, if I have a job secured sometime during rotations, how long does it usually take to get licensure and credentialing done and start the job full time? I realize credentialing depends on the employer.
  16. I have never heard of this. There is a reason why some schools require a minimum of 2000 patient hours. You will be thankful for your medical experience while in PA school. Don’t sweat it.
  17. I’ve heard a lot of different opinions about when you should take the PANCE after graduating. Week after graduation? 2 weeks? 4 weeks? I know it will depend on how ready you feel for it and how much you have studied, but wondering what some of y’all opinions are?
  18. Have some knowledge about the PA program as well. When asked if you have any questions for them, I think it’s beneficial to center your questions around that particular program.
  19. Yeah there are actual cadavers and also virtual cadavers. There are a bunch of workstations that have tv displays and other technology. The professor can switch all the tv’s to display something to everyone in their workstations. You should be able to google “Idaho State Univiersity Anatomy Lab” and see a bunch on it! This is for the Meridian campus.
  20. I would just stick with CNA because like said above, doesn’t sound like you would use the EMT cert for very long. You must be doing something right if you are already getting interviews! Plus being a bouncer sounds kinda fun. Good luck!
  21. Hello! I’m starting my first year in the program in a week. I’ll try to shed some light on some of the differences. Meridian - The “campus” is actually charter high school right off the freeway. ISU has nursing, pharmacy, and PT students here as well. Lectures are held in one classroom all day that doesn’t have a window which sucks? there is a sweet anatomy lab on campus with some high tech stuff in it. They just built Idaho’s first medical school right next door. I’m sure we will be collaborating with the Med students on occasion. You can also use the high schools gym when their school
  22. If you want to do the physassist job, you can just ask for LOR from the ER docs now since you have been working with them for 3 years it sounds like. Glad you are going to do emt to get more hands on experience! Good luck
  23. I shadowed an internal medicine PA for about 40 hours. I took down some notes so that I could use them for writing about my experience in CASPA. I was able to ask questions with what little time we had between patients and on lunch. I pretty much just observed and didn’t talk to patients unless they talked to me. You kind of feel like a burden at first, but once you get a feel for the person you are shadowing it gets better. I would ask for a LOR when you complete all of your shadowing. The worst they can do is say no. I didn’t really keep in contact. However, I did email him w
  24. I applied to one program and got accepted. It can be done.
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