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Pre- Dental to Pre-Pa with an old degree

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Graduated in 2013 with a degree in Microbiology. I have a few questions. 

I didn't get into dental school and worked in a lab for some years. Started being interested in medicine. Took the rest of the required courses in(A&P and Stats) 2017. My GPA isn't great (3.0). I got into chiropractor school but I pulled my application because I was only doing it to do something. I finally decided that I would pursue medicine in PA school. I am 34 years old and I want to know if there are success stories of people with my background. Also I saw that the application asks for test taken. Should I add my old DAT scores? Am I supposed to? I did great on my sciences but my lower scores were in quantitative reasoning. Thanks for your advice! 


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No, there is no need to submit DAT scores.  Some schools will require a GRE, but prevailing wisdom is never to submit MCAT scores, as that's a big red flag that you would rather be in med school than PA school.

Your background is not any weirder than a lot of others.  Depending on your application, yes, you could be an entirely viable candidate for PA school--nose around the site, read up, and see how you compare.

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