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  1. Hi! Do you mind sharing your stats? Greatly appreciated ?
  2. Thanks Bubbles ? Ya I have tried researching schools that have a more holistic approach to accepting potential students. If you know of any off hand I'm all ears!
  3. Thanks for responding. That is so awesome you got accepted, congratulations!!!! I am Re-taking the class (Genetics) right now. So far I have an A *fingers crossed* . My pre-requs thus far for the last 3 years have been micro-A , anatomy-A, physiology-B, molecular cell Biology- B, Gen Chem I- B and A in lab, Gen Chem II- C/ C in both lecture and lab. So ya, I’d like to definitely go in with a 3.5, but hoping my 10,000+ hours of patient care will help me.
  4. Hello Everyone, This is my first time posting here on the forum and was hoping I could get some direction seeing as I have already benefited so much from reading past posts. I just submitted my application for the first time. I have an overall science GPA of 3.31 and my overall non-science is a 3.47. I am 31 years old and have been working as a sonographer for the past five years at a government hospital. I could go into more stats, but my main question has to do with last year’s grades. The last two semesters I withdrew (received a W) from genetics due to my aunt having cancer. I went in with good intentions, but realized I knew I needed to take time off. I mentioned it briefly in my personal statement, but didn’t want to spend much time on it or seem as though I was trying to negate the blame. I know schools look for an upward trend, so my question is will these recent W’s inhibit my admission? Thank you in advance
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